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2015 NPHS Athlete Contract
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2015 Track Guidelines
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Transportation to Meets
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Track Meet Order of Events
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Head Boys Coach: Stephen Svoboda

Head Girls Coach: Amy Galipeau

Distance Coach: Moss Maciel

Throwing Coach: Ryan Hurley:

Booster Club President
Christian Dougherty

NPHS Athletic Website: 

ichirosugioka at gmail.com



Check "News and Announcements" for restuarant fundraisers!

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News & Announcements

Optional Spring Break Practices
Track is open 8:30 to 10 AM, Monday thru Thursday
Please contact your coaches for your specific events

CARWASH Fundraiser
Tickets for $14.99 professional carwash for $10!!

CHILI's Restaurant Fundraiser
April 22, 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
15% to the team for Takeout, Bar and Dining!!
Download flyer to bring

Meet photos are now on Shutterfly and Flickr
Check photos on both using the links to the right ->

Meet Preparation

Pre-Meet Preparation

‘A great performance always starts with great preparation.’ 

  • Start carb loading about two to three days before the meet- Carbohydrates are commonly known as sugar, which breaks down into a form of energy. Carbs are a great source of energy for athletes. Eat a lot of foods with carbohydrates. Some good sources of carbs are whole grain bread, beans, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Remember not to do too much exercise before the meet. You don't want to be sore on the meet. Relax and eat lots of energy foods like pasta, rice, etc
  • Start hydrating. You need to be drinking water to stay hydrated. Being hydrated is extremely important; if you are not properly hydrated, then you will not be able to perform at your best. If your urine is light yellow or clear, you will know that you are hydrated. You should be drinking a gallon of water every day. Drink water!!
  • Get lots of rest and stay relaxed- Get a full night’s sleep (ideally 8 hours)
  • Clothing- Wear/Bring sufficient amount of clothing for cool and warm weather.  Layers are always best! Blankets are great too!! J
  • Positive Thinking- Imagine yourself winning your event and don't underestimate yourself. Say to yourself "I Can Win" and never say that you can't!!

 Meet Day

1) For morning events, always eat something on meet day. Some toast or a bagel with some peanut butter is an excellent competition day breakfast. A POWERBAR is another good choice. Be sure to drink 8-10oz of water with breakfast 2-3 hours before you compete.
2) Try to avoid soda or sugary drinks on days when you compete - they will NOT help your performance. Water works best. Even Gatorade should be diluted with water. Did you know that Gatorade isn't helpful unless the event is longer than 1 hour?
3) Stop negative thoughts, such as "does my ankle hurt?", "is my knee aching?" “I feel tired” or "am I getting a cold?" Don't worry – when you push through and perform well, somehow, that all seems to go away.
Even when you don't feel your best, you must still give your best!
4) Before your races, throws or jumps try to relax (relax??). Yes, Relax. Repeat to yourself, "I'm strong, I'm fast, I'm well trained" - repeat this in your head again and again. Pretty soon you'll start to feel better. If that doesn't work, scream real loud and start to wave your arms. You won't run any faster, but you'll definitely feel better.
5) The 1st half of a race, most run poorly. Some go out too fast, some too slow, and some are skilled enough to get it just right. Understand - the success of your event isn't determined by how you start, but how you finish. It's the 2nd half that counts. The track season is a race itself, so finish strong.
6) After your performance, assess what you did well. Under-achieving athletes ALWAYS focus on what they did wrong. High achieving athletes often focus on what went right and can't wait to repeat it. Even in a less than optimal performance, always find what you did correct, and focus on that!


2015 Track & Field Schedule

3/4  (Wed)       Newbury Park @ Camarillo (non-league)

3/14 (Sat)       Ventura Invitational (selective)

3/19 (Thu)      Newbury Park @ Westlake 

3/20 (Fri)        Moorpark Night Relays (selective)

3/25 (Wed)      Team Photos 

3/26 (Thu)      Oaks Christian @ Newbury Park 

4/2  (Thu)       Newbury Park @ Agoura 

4/6 - 4/10       Spring Break Practices

4/9 - 4/11       Arcadia Invitational (highly selective)

4/16 (Thu)       Calabasas @Newbury Park

4/16 - 4/18      Mt. SAC Invitational (highly selective)

4/23 (Thu)       Newbury Park @ Thousand Oaks

4/29 (Wed)       Rain Make-Up Day (tentative)

5/1   (Fri)         County Championships @ Moorpark (standards)

5/5   (Tue)        Marmonte League Prelims @ Westlake (standards)

5/8    (Fri)        Marmonte League FINALS @ Westlake (must qualify)

5/16  (Sat)        CIF Division Prelims @ Moorpark (must qualify)

5/23  (Sat)        CIF Division Finals (must qualify)


Helpful Links

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Royal Results (Live Timing)

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CIF-Southern Section
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Marmonte League

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Oaks Christian Track Club's girls 4 x 800m relay - California state indoor champions 2015 - DyeStatCAL
Girls Division 1 - 2014 CIF-Southern Section XC Finals - DyeStatCAL