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Who I Am...

I keep myself occupied with quite a few things as I tend to bore rather easily.  With this trait, it's amazing that I've been a runner as long as I have, but I guess I can always run in different places and at different paces, so even running can be changed up for a person that acts like they've got adult ADD. 

The ripe old age of 30 is fast approaching, so I guess maybe I should figure out 1 or 3 things to focus on, but it's still not that easy.  Right now, I'm the Operations Manager at a student housing facility.  Until recently, I was also a high school track and cross country coach, but I gave that up because I couldn't stand wasting gas on an hour round trip commute to the school, and frankly, a few of the parents were jerks.  I also try to run a lot, and I actually have done just that in my years running....run a lot....but alas, that running a lot hasn't got me where I've wanted, and for nearly 4 years now, I've been cursed with a nagging right anterior pelvic tilt.  Basically, my hip tilts outta place and messes up muscle function if I don't work hard to keep it in place.  But enough of the bad, lets talk about the good.  There's uh, well, I mean to say, there's....oh, well I guess I can still live through the few people that I still coach.  At least some of them are doing well.

 Running isn't everything though.  Milk is really disgusting.....I don't do the dairy thing.  Also, I like coffee, and have an affinity for alcohol.....beer mainly.  I'm looking forward to good weather again as this place is cold and damp, and a tad depressing right now.  Okay, enough, back to work, this is boring me. ;)


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Finishing the 1/2 Marathon Relay
Gate River Run Bridges
Andrew Middleton - USA 15 km Championships 2008
Mens Top 10 Awards - USA 15 km Championships 2008
Katie McGregor - 2nd place USA 15 km Championships 2008


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