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My name is kaula,  I am 20yrs old, I am currently a biathlon athlete for the Oregon national guard (Olypic biathlete in training) and I am a runner... I have the greatest respect for my Coaches they taught me soo much, not only about running but life in general. They taught me how to be strong, to believe in myself, and that anything is possible if your mind and heart is in it. Also that losing a race doesnt not make you a bad runner but just the opposite, its a learning exerience. I believe that,  "life is like running the hurdles!!! You gotta focus on the hurdle thats right in front of you, and  overcome each, one at a time or you'll fall  flat on your face."   but when you fall you got to hurry and pick yourself up and keep going because it ain't over till you finish.



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