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In the spirit of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road,  RunnerSpace Travels is modern Americana chronicling a cross-country road trip that focuses particularly on the fundamental yet unpretentious sport of running and its diverse brotherhood nationwide. Travels will profile two seasoned distance runners as they traverse the east coast to broadcast track and field meets. What happens between is a documented,  meandering journey as vivid as the American landscape traversed. The web-episodes shown exclusively on RunnerSpace will draw footage from interactions with fellow runners they meet and depict the various communities in which they run,  camp,  and patronize. Additionally,  efforts will be made to visit programs of interest and conduct interviews with athletes and coaches,  either prominent or emerging. 

The season one RunnerSpace Roadies are Calvin Brawner and Jon Terzenbach, two experienced runners and avid track fans who seek to acknowledge the network of people united by a common interest.


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Day 32-46 (Here and There) - RunnerSpace.com/Travels

Published by
C Brawner on Mar 10th 2011, 10:42pm

The road will take you to many places in life. It conveyed an idea to reality and a passion into livelihood. Roads brought us from Eugene to Montana and Minneapolis, to Boston and Belchertown, to New York and New Hampshire and every hamlet between. We've seen a DMR record, a victory with one shoe, and former phenom near breakdown. We've met national champions and district qualifiers. We met runners. Lots of them.

Roads have conveyed us to families and friends, and sometimes away from them. Sometimes many of us are on the same road, and sometimes we're not but usually we are on the road that best suits ourselves. The temporary hiatus in RunnerSpace Travels has been due to some adjustments to our schedule and project. We will be taking separate roads for the foreseeable future and while visitors to the site are likely to see posts from both, they will represent unique journeys united by a common passion for the sport and its participants. The mission to provide insight into running communities, programs, and individuals will continue. We thank everyone for their support and hope that this change does not cause them to waver.

by Jon and Calvin

Day 31 (Washington, D.C.) - RunnerSpace.com/Travels Season 1

Published by
Jon Terzenbach on Feb 24th 2011, 3:55pm

Motivated by patriotic duty and a rumor of better weather, I trekked down to our nation's capital. The four-hour Chinatown bus ride was well worth it. I walked around the national mall for about six hours, jaw dropped. Of all the cities we have visited so far, this is one that feels the most regal (or at least this area of town). A plaza is formed between the US Capitol, the Supreme Court building, and the Library of Congress and I forget that I am in the land of strip malls and box stores and believe I could be in the Red Square. The awe I felt did not abate as I continued along the mall to the Smithsonian, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial, among others. At times it is easy to feel disconnected from this country but coming here, immersing myself among the hallowed buildings, instilled a pride and patriotism I did not think I possessed.

 I was also sold on this area being a runner's haven. There are several, wide trails and paths that will convey you from one stunning monument to the next, and on this particular day the weather was inviting enough that dozens could be seen in shorts and t-shirts. Central Park in New York may be a comparable, urban park and although this is a bit smaller, it is also less trafficked. Additionally, Rock Creek park, nearly twice the size as Central Park, is only a few miles north of Capitol Hill.


Follow our adventures at RunnerSpace.com/Travels! We'll be posting a blog update each day until "RunnerSpace Travels Season 1" is done at the end of June. You can also expect school visits and fun adventures to be posted along the way as we hit up many of the top meets from around the country to provide the RunnerSpace meet coverage we all know and love! Make sure to leave a comment below about this update or post on our guestbook to say hi!

Day 30 (Chelsea District and Staten Island Run) - RunnerSpace.com/Travels

Published by
C Brawner on Feb 23rd 2011, 2:43pm

Last night Jon and I had to improvise with the sleeping situation. One couch two guys. So we both could have a little comfort I took the cushions off the couch and gave them to Jon for the floor.

With eggs and toast on board I journey over to Manhattan, Chelsea district. I heard of a street called the Garden district. It was surprisingly hard to find. Now that I have been there and seen it with my own two eyes, I will tell the world, so no more confusion. Avenue of the Americas is also 6th ave. All the plants and flowers you could ever want can be found sandwiched between Avenue of the Americas and 7th Ave on 28th street. You’ll know you have made it when you see shrubs and flowers pouring out of store-fronts onto the sidewalk. Feel free to drop into any of the shops, they don’t mind someone looking around. Consider it a free botanical garden museum.

I walked down toward SOHO to find an Apple store. My phone is having problems with its volume control. When ever I put in my pocket and press it with the slightest touch. The volume shoots up, making me look like I have turrets as I rip the headphones out of my ears with a painful look on my face.

STATEN ISLAND RUN: I had a great run today on Staten Island. I was amazed how many people talked to me about running, where to go, and what shoes to wear (by a 5 figure shoe enthusiast). Here is the Staten Island run down-low: Catch a subway to South Ferry Terminal (Staten Island Ferry). Don’t worry too much about timing because during the day there are 3 every hour. The ferry is free and passes the Statue of Liberty, bonuses one and two. Make sure you sit on the right side of the ferry going to Staten Island so you can see the statue. (left side on the return) Once through the St. George terminal and all the bus stops stay left on Bay St.. Follow Bay St. for three blocks and make a right onto Victory Ave. This avenue has a lot of car traffic, but wide sidewalks. You’ll run up a hill the entire way to Silver Lake Park. This park has numerous paved running/biking paths around the two lakes. There’s even a dirt path next to the main paved route. If you time your run to be in the afternoon, try and catch the sunset as you're leaving the park to head back to the ferry. The Northeast corner of Silver Lake Park is the highest elevation point in the park. Great view of the orange sunset over Oak and Maple trees. Back down Victory Ave to Bay St. Caution! Watch out for the metal covers in front of stores. They cover stairs and aren’t well supported from below, so they can eat your foot if you step right in the middle. I took a huge crash and my left palm is paying the price for not paying attention. I would highly recommend this run. If you’r tired of Central Park, make your way down to Staten Island for some hills and a great run.  

Day 29 (Brooklyn) - RunnerSpace.com/Travels

Published by
C Brawner on Feb 22nd 2011, 3:55pm

After a late start to the day, 1pm, I walked with my buddy, Wesley, and his girlfriend, Kristine, and their friend, Matt, down Bedford Ave. This street has become a center of gentrification in Brooklyn and all of New York for that matter. Nearly every block has new restaurants, small bars, and art shops/galleries. Many of the old factory buildings have been kept. They have just been turned into lofts. There has been an increase in rent prices here over the past few years because of Williamsburg close proximity to Manhattan and Mid-town, where a lot of well paying jobs are located. Some of the old buildings are being torn down to make room for large condos. However along Bedford Ave, the originality and some times unkempt feel is still intact.

I read about the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in the Times. I checked out the rates. It is free on the weekdays. It was nice getting out of the cold and breathing in humid tropical air. The garden hosts a large Bonzi Tree exhibit. Really cool. Check out the photos I took.

Eating in Brooklyn doesn’t have to break the wallet. Yesterday I had a bagel and cream-cheese from BagelSmith for $3. Then lunch at a Kabab spot for $6. Was going to do the same for dinner, but I bought eggs, bread, and rah-men. One could easily live off 20 dollars a day for food here.

I ran over the Williamsburg Bridge at night. It was a little sketchy finding the right sidewalks to the bridge, but once on the bridge it was a straight shot. It was surprisingly noise on the bridge with the wind, subway trains, and cars. A solid 7 miles if you add on before or after the bridge.

Day 28 (White Plains to Brooklyn) - RunnerSpace.com/Travels

Published by
C Brawner on Feb 21st 2011, 2:59pm

The sleeping conditions Jon and I have been put through could be categorized as bi-polar and then some. Two nights ago we were staying on couches with empty beer cans/ bottles around us, not all ours, and overhearing bass pumping music through the walls. If that was like night, last night was like day. I woke on a queen sized pillow top mattress with decoration pillows to my side. Jon had a similar environment down the hall. This is where we come to recharge the batteries and stay with two very hospitable and enjoyable people, Jon’s aunt and uncle, Nancy and Fred. We love staying with you two, thank you very much.

In the morning we joined Nancy and Fred for church. The musicians were so amazing. The pianist and sax guys could really jam. We ate brunch at Ginger Man in Greenwich, CT. I had eggs benedict. The hollandaise sauce had an orange zest, which made it original and good. After filling up Jon and I caught the commuter train into Manhattan. I bought an unlimited week metro pass, so I plan on making trips (lots of testing). We will be staying primarily with Jon’s older brother Paul in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. I really like the eclectic, young, and loud feel of the neighborhood, but I think Jon views it as trendy and hipster-esk. Which would also be true.

I met up with Wesley and Kristine, both friends I met in Copenhagen. They were accompanied by their friends Ryan, Matt, and Nicole (goes by “knee-co.”) We made our way to a beer hall, where we rubbed elbows, literally, with other Williamsburg dwellers. Radegast Hall. The rest of the evening was filled with loud music, cheap beer, and good laughs via the game ‘slack jaw’. Form a circle with strangers, count to three, and let your jaw hang low and stare. Last person to keep their composer wins. My video camera accompanied me through the night, so look for a clip of the festivities.

Until next time, tomorrow, run on.


Follow our adventures at RunnerSpace.com/Travels! We'll be posting a blog update each day until "RunnerSpace Travels Season 1" is done at the end of June. You can also expect school visits and fun adventures to be posted along the way as we hit up many of the top meets from around the country to provide the RunnerSpace meet coverage we all know and love! Make sure to leave a comment below about this update or post on our guestbook to say hi!


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