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Arkansas Razorback Team Invitational
Fri, 31 - 01 Fayetteville, AR
New Mexico Classic and Multi
Fri, 07 - 08 Albuquerque, NM
Iowa State Cyclone Classic
Fri, 14 - 15 Ames, IA
Big 12 Indoor Championships
Fri, 28 - 01 Ames, IA
NCAA D1 Indoor Championships
Fri, 14 - 15 Albuquerque, NM
Texas Relays
Wed, 26 - 29 Austin, TX
Stanford Invite
Fri, 04 - 05 Stanford, CA
Michael Johnson Classic
Sat, 19 Waco, TX
Penn Relays
Thu, 24 - 26 Philadelphia, PA
NCAA D1 West Outdoor Preliminary Round
Thu, 29 - 31 Fayetteville, AR

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Marielle Hall - Stay Focused On The Goal - Tuesday Tip 6/24/14
Ryan Crouser 1st Men's Shot Put 69-7 - NCAA D1 Indoor Championships 2014
Morolake Akinsosun Women's 60 Heat Move to Texas - NCAA D1 Indoor Championships 2014
Ashley Spencer Women's 400 Heat - NCAA D1 Indoor Championships 2014
Kaitlin Petrillose 1st Women's Pole Vault 15-1 Collegiate Record - NCAA D1 Indoor Championships 2014

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Tuesday Tips posted a video - Jun 24 2014, 03:07 PM
Marielle Hall - Stay Focused On The Goal - Tuesday Tip 6/24/14
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RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - May 31 2014, 07:20 PM
Host Site (Arkansas) | NCAA Home Results by: Flash Results ...
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#3 Prandini of Oregon advances to Eugen with best time in Women's 100 at 11.17. A&M advances 4 including #3 Ekpone. #2 Akinosun of Texas advances. Sant of Oregon fs
#8 Teeters of Ok St is fastest advancer to Eugene after running 10.11 as #11 Brown of USC runs season best 10.12. #1 Bromell of Baylor and #7 Givens of Texas advance and Hart and Hardy of A&M get the last two spots.
Texas runs 4 of top 5 times to advance (and they are 4 of top 5 seeds) to Eugene with Spencer the fastest in 51.38, #2 Francis and #11 Okodogbe of Oregon advance
A&M advances 4 mens 400 runners to Eugene including #1 Lendore and #2 Berry of Oregon advances. #14 Bilderback of Texas advances.
#2 Sharika Nelvis of Ark St was the fastest out of round 1 uin 12.98, #1 McReynolds, #6 Snow of Texas and #15 Wallace of Oregon q'd but #11 Blackburn of USC dnf'd
Johnathan Cabral of Oregon advanced to the second round as the second fastest qualifier with his first race in weeks. Wayne Davis of A&M was the top q as Devon Allen of Oregon was the 3rd fastest qualifier
#1 Anthony Rotich won the men's steeple in 8:38 and #3 Stanley Kebenei of Arkansas q'd but #2 Curtis Carr of BYU did not Q. and was 38th.
#4 seed Rachel Johnson of Baylor won the Women's Steeple at 9:53 as #1 Shalaya Kipp of Colorado q'd as did Megan Patrignelli of Oregon
Both Heymsfield and Komilos of Arkansas q'd
#6 seed Valarie Allman of Stanford was the top qualifier with a throw of 184-4 ahead of collegiate leader Shelbi Vaughn of A&M at 181-5. Defending champion Anna Jelmini of ASU qualified and Laura bobek of Oregon Q'd
In Men's Hammer #1 NCAA Seed Nick Miller of Ok State had the top throw at 234-1 with #6 Seed Greg Skipper of Oregon second at 225-1 and #5 seed Michael Lihrman of Wisconsin third at 223-1. #2 Seed Remy Conaster of USC did not start.
#27 Seed Casey Strong of A&M also advanced in sixth with a best of 206-9 for sixth
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RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - May 27 2014, 06:15 PM
Licensed to RecordTiming.com - Contractor License HY-TEK's Meet Manager NCAA Division I 2014 Outdoor Track & Field Championships -West Preliminary ...
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RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - May 22 2014, 06:58 PM
Licensed to RecordTiming.com - Contractor License HY-TEK's Meet Manager NCAA Division I 2014 Outdoor Track & Field Championships -West Preliminary ...
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RunnerSpace.com/Pro posted a news article - Apr 24 2014, 11:05 PM
Website:Click here Results by: Flash Results ...
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Men's Triple Jump

1 4 Steve Waithe Penn State 16.22m w (53-2.75)
2 1 Damon McLean Princeton 16.04m (52-7.5)
Men's Hammer

1 1 Justin Welch Findlay 70.58m (231-6)
Men's Discus Throw

1 1 Rodney Brown LSU 64.26m (210-9)
2 3 Sam Mattis Penn 60.86m (199-8)
3 2 Stephen Mozia Cornell 58.59m (192-2)
4 5 Zachary Duncavage Navy 58.27m (191-2)
5 7 Eric Masington UConn 57.94m (190-1)
Men's 4x400 COA

1 Pittsburgh 3:03.44 Micah Murray (46.9), Carvin Nkanata (44.9), Desmond Palmer (47.20), Brycen Spratling (44.45) AE
2 Texas 3:05.13 Christopher Irvin (47.4), Andrew Whyte (46.4), Senoj-Jay Givans (46.26), Zack Bilderback (45.04) AC
3 Oregon 3:06.51 Marcus Chambers, Arthur Delaney, Jack Galpin, Mike Berry AH
4 Texas A&M 3:06.94 Shavez Hart (47.0), Prezel Hardy, Jr. (46.5), Carlyle Roudette (48.62), Deon Lendore (44.84) AA
5 UTech 3:08.87 Jonia McDonald (47.9), Friediann Royes (46.6), Travane Morrison (47.81), Rusheen McDonald (46.54) AD
6 LSU 3:11.43 Quincy Downing (46.7), Darrell Bush (51.7), Cyril Grayson (46.12), Vernon Norwood (46.93) AB
Men's 4x400

1 Texas 3:25.05 Briana Nelson (52.1), Courtney Okolo (49.7), Kendall Baisden (52.57), Ashley Spencer (50.67) AA
2 Oregon 3:29.82 Claudia Francis (54.8), Chizoba Okodogbe (51.9), Laura Roesler (52.05), Phyllis Francis (51.07) AB
3 Texas A&M 3:29.96 Olivia Ekpone (53.6), Shamier Little (52.7), Ibukun Mayungbe (52.58), Kamaria Brown (51.08) AE
4 UTech 3:31.81 Venicha Baker (54.8), Janieve Russell (52.0), Simoya Campbell (52.92), Shericka Jackson (52.11) AD
5 Penn State 3:33.10 Dynasty McGee (54.5), Mahagony Jones (52.8), Tichina Rhodes (53.57), Kiah Seymour (52.19) AC
6 Texas Tech 3:35.61 Christen Rivers, Cierra White, Amoy Blake (53.38), Montenae Roye-Speight (53.43) AH
7 Cornell 3:37.16 Zena Kolliesuah, Ebolutalese Airewele, Elyse Wilkinson (54.49), Udeme Akpaete (53.24) AG
8 Kentucky 3:39.21 Leah Nugent (55.8), Angelica Whaley (53.2), Dominique Booker (55.56), Sha'Keela Saunders (54.63) AF
Men's 4x800

1 Villanova 7:16.58 Josh Lampron (1:51.80), Dusty Solis (1:49.45), Jordan Williamsz (1:48.77), Samuel Ellison (1:46.58) AB
2 Penn State 7:18.99 Wade Endress (1:53.35), Za'Von Watkins (1:48.97), Ryan Brennan (1:49.73), Brannon Kidder (1:46.96) AA
3 Georgetown 7:19.27 Ryan Manahan (1:51.42), Billy Ledder (1:50.68), Amos Bartelsmeyer (1:48.59), Ahmed Bile (1:48.60) AE
4 Wake Forest 7:20.49 Simon Holden (1:51.36), Thomas Bojanowski (1:50.50), Kyle Eager (1:49.78), Kyle Graves (1:48.87) AG
5 Stanford 7:24.99 Scott Buttinger (1:53.14), Justin Brinkley (1:51.57), Marco Bertolotti (1:50.89), Luke Lefebure (1:49.40) AD
6 Georgia Tech 7:25.44 Jeremy Greenwald (1:52.13), Zack Fanelty (1:54.70), Shawn Roberts (1:48.74), Brandon Lasater (1:49.88) AC
7 Columbia 7:25.90 Denzel Woode (1:53.84), Harry McFann (1:51.04), Rob Napolitano (1:51.04), Connor Claflin (1:49.99) AF
8 Monmouth 7:27.16 Andrew Langille (1:51.86), Domenick D'Agostino (1:54.80), Alex Leight (1:52.12), Dylan Capwell (1:48.41) AN
9 Texas A&M 7:27.84 Gaines Kinsey (1:53.57), Josh Hernandez (1:51.82), Cameron Cardwell (1:52.68), Hector Hernandez (1:49.78) AJ
10 Brown 7:27.90 Tyler Benster (1:53.25), Matt Bevil (1:52.81), Colin Savage (1:51.80), Henry Tufnell (1:50.05) AH
Women's 4x800

Villanova 8:21.49 Kelsey Margey (2:06.33), Angel Piccirillo (2:06.00), Nicky Akande (2:05.67), Emily Lipari (2:03.50) AA
2 Oregon 8:22.54 Claudia Francis (2:08.20), Samantha Murphy (2:08.42), Annie Leblanc (2:04.07), Laura Roesler (2:01.86) AB
3 Georgetown 8:31.03 Rachel Schneider (2:08.52), Sabrina Southerland (2:06.09), Becca Deloache (2:08.08), Andrea Keklak (2:08.37) AC
4 Tennessee 8:35.22 Alexis Panisse (2:07.63), Kianna Ruff (2:08.05), Brittney Jackson (2:09.94), Amirah Johnson (2:09.62) AE
More than 2.5 seconds back when she got the baton, Roesler could not close the gap for the win.
Men's 100 Meters

Wind: +0.3

1 3 Adolphus Nevers UTech 10.25
2 7 Cameron Burrell Houston 10.32
3 1 Desmond Lawrence North Carolina A&T 10.39
4 2 Leshon Collins Houston 10.42
5 5 Dennison Long UMBC 10.49
Women's 100 Meters

1 2 Olivia Ekpone Texas A&M 11.23
2 3 Aaliyah Brown Texas A&M 11.34
3 1 Cierra White Texas Tech 11.46
4 7 Ada Udaya New Haven 11.64
5 5 Gayon Evans UMES 11.66
Women's 100 Hurdles

1 1 Jasmin Stowers LSU 12.99
2 3 Danielle Williams Johnson C. Smith 13.07
3 2 Morgan Snow Texas 13.28
4 5 Leah Nugent Kentucky 13.29
5 9 Chrisdale Mccarthy UTech 13.38
6 4 Evonne Britton Penn State 13.40
7 8 Samantha Scarlett Auburn 13.57
8 6 Sasha Wallace Oregon 13.85
9 7 Cindy Ofili Michigan 14.15
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RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - Apr 19 2014, 09:37 PM
Website:Click here Results by: Delta Timing ...
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RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - Apr 6 2014, 01:40 AM
Website:Click here Results by: Record Timing ...
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In Memorium - The Stanford Invitational, both track and cross-country, is a benchmark event for high school runners throughout California and the West. I remember back in September, 2007 the Bishton twins, Nadya and Nastia, traveled from Mountain Ridge High School, Glendale, Arizona to Stanford. They went 1-2 in the 5K, followed by the likes of Laurynne Chetelat, Jacque Taylor, and Deborah Maier! Seniors in that year, they were “showcasing their wares” in a matter of speaking, looking for potential schools to attend as NCAA Freshmen.
What made the Bishton twins unique, besides being twins, was the fact they were born in Russia, and seeing the photos floating around on Dystat and the other sites, one was taken aback by the beauty of both daughters and their mother Viktoria Bishton.
Months later the deals were made, Nastia to Arizona State University, Nadya to Wisconsin. Nadya only stayed a year. She would come back to California, transferring to San Jose State.
This weekend, on Saturday, marks four years that have passed since Nadya’s death. It was a tragedy for the family and the running community. Her sister stopped running within the year at Arizona State. Finding Nastia’s picture on her Arizona State Athletics bio site brought back a wealth of memories of both the girls, running at Arcadia, the FootLocker, Mt SAC, and everywhere else they competed, never too far away from each other in a race.
I met Nadya and her coach once, at the FootLocker down in San Diego. I was teasing her a little about the Hollywood sunglasses she was going to run in. But I told her Megan O’Reilly did very well in hers and it was OK. I also reminded her to put them up in her hair for the interviews after the race. You can’t hide eyes like that!
RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - Mar 30 2014, 01:36 AM
Website:Click here Results by: AllTrax Timing ...
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Ryan Crouser wins Shot Put with collegiate leader 69-9
Vault's were as good as advertised for the winners on Friday. Deep women's field won by Kaitlin Petrilose at 14-9. Sam Kendricks was supposed to be in a showdown and defended his title at 18-8 1/4. Andrew Irwin only cleared 17-6 1/2 and NCAA indoor champion Shawn Barber NH'd
Bromell follows up his 10.02 prelim with a wind legal 10.01 to tie the World Junior Record!
redshirt sophomore Shelbi Vaughn of A&M, whose season was cut short last year when she moved boxes during spring break, has already thrown 60.61m, 198-10, equal to the pr of defending NCAA champion Anna Jelmini of ASU
A&M Sophomore LaQue Moen-Davis won the triple jump at 43-4 1/4 over Andrea Guebelle at 42-9 1/2
Omar Craddock won the Men's triple jump with a best of 55-8 1/2
2nd Matthew Oneal of South Florida was second with a best of 53-0 and Andre Dorsey of Kennesaw State was third at 51-7 1/4
Sam Humphreys won the javelin throw with a best of 252-9 ahead of Corne'''s Rob Robbins at 246-6 and John Ampomah of Wiley at 243-11.
Olympian and US Record Holder KAra Patterson won the Javelin with a best of 60.45m, 198-4, nearly her best throw in three years (2012 best was 60.49m)

2nd was Florida Soph Marija Vucenovic 56.73 186-1
3rd Hannah Carson Texas Tech 54.03m, 177-3
Recent weather delay and fans are now returning to the stadium.
Men's 4x400 relay prelim
TCU 3:07.80
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RunnerSpace.com/College posted a news article - Mar 16 2014, 02:42 AM
Website:Click here Results by: Flash Results ...
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Roesler runs away with women's 800 in 2:03.
Brandon McBride runs away with Men's 800 title and Kemboi can't pass as Kemboi gets second
With 200 to go Fleet made a move and Lalang held off peters and Rotch. Rotich outkicks Lalang over last 50m and Fleet moves up for third ahead of Peters
Lalang took mile lead early, Peters and Rotich caught up after 400 meters with Fleet leading pack behind.
Kendell Williams jumps 20-9 on third jump of LJ and runs pr 2:17 800 to set American CR of 4635
Also considered World Junior Record
Beach wins in 6190, Uibo second in 6040, Lazas third and Keys fourth in a pr
Beach wins 1k in 2:28, Keys kicks past UIbo 2:42.
McCune vaults 17-101/2 in vault.
Williams throws 12.03 in SP and jumps 6.33, Bougard is close in Pentathlon
PV is at 5.15m, Lazas, Ziemek, Uibo, Tonneson and Beach still vaulting. Ziemek just cleared on second attempt, Lazas has passed after clearing 5.05m, Keys cleared 4.95m and out at pr 5.05m. Uibo misses second at 5.15m.
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