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Who Are We...

About RunnerSpace.com

RunnerSpace.com is a social networking website for all runners to connect and share with other runners and fans through its industry-leading team, event and brand website creation software.  RunnerSpace.com focuses its energy around developing and promoting the custom websites, branded promotions and event coverages within the RunnerSpace.com social network.  Think of RunnerSpace.com as a social network like Facebook, that’s 100% focused on the running industry, mixed with non-stop live and on-demand sports coverage like ESPN, all wrapped in the world's largest network of running related websites.


The Power of the RunnerSpace.com Network

We think of our network like a big city and our websites and promos like businesses within the city.  It's the spillover and viral connections that really set us apart.  It's like having your business located on some remote street out in the country that gets very few people passing by vs. being in Time Square where there is a constant stream of people a few steps away from your business (and they are all connected to running in some way).  This is why most websites and promos instantly double their traffic/impact by transferring their website/promo/webcast into the RunnerSpace.com Network.

Advertisers, Agencies and Brands

We work closely with many of the best advertisers, agencies, and brands in the business to come up with special packages that fit their needs.  The options that brands and advertisers can do with RunnerSpace.com are almost limitless.  Yes, we do standard display banners like any other site, but what really sets us apart is our creative touch and openness to doing something innovative. Some of our specialties include side-takeover ads, fully branded skins, promotional interactive hubs, custom web apps, contests and giveaways.  We then give a major boost to our packages via social media (we have one of the largest followings in the running world across our social networks and can utilize those to enhance packages).  Visit our advertising section for more details.

Event Managers

If you are interested in taking your event to the next level then RunnerSpace is the place to start.  Would you like your event live webcasted?  Would you like a customized website?  Do you want all your races posted online?  Do you need help with promotion?  If your regional to national level event is interested in any of the above, then contact us today. 


One of the main reasons RunnerSpace.com began was to give coaches and team managers the tools to promote, manage, and track their team in an efficient, cost effective way.  We maintain pages for almost every team in North America, so much of the work gets done automatically each year.  Coaches can claim those teams and take things to the next level by adding their own videos, photos, news, blogs, and results.  The sites can also be branded with your team colors, logos, and much more.  Check out our help section to learn more.


Athletes living in the digital age are extremely lucky.  Almost everyone has a video camera or camera phone these days, so all the great achievements can be captured, organized, and showcased like never before.  The RunnerSpace.com system lets athletes, parents, coaches, and fans contribute videos, photos, news, and results to any athlete’s bio page.  Many athletes these days can end their high school or college carrier with countless videos and photos documenting each year.  You can get started today by having your coach claim your team’s page.


The fan experience is at the heart of what we do.  We have built this system to give fans endless options.  Follow teams, events, levels, and athletes like Twitter.  Contribute and interact with the site via social networking features like Facebook. Discuss all topics with other runners in our forums.  Or just sit back and check out the content we sort through and feature on our content hubs.  

What Areas We Focus On

First off, we do not do anything outside the world of running and will NEVER change that!  Our focus is and will always be on the greatest sport in the world.  The goal of each one of our hubs is to provide year round coverage and insight.  Each one of our hubs is managed by an expert in that area, so you can expect the best.  Everyone at RunnerSpace works together as a team to cover hundreds of events each year.  RunnerSpace is not alone in this effort, we have amazing partnerships (check out the BIG Partners block to the right) and volunteer contributors across North America that are the real reason this site continues to grow and get better each year.