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2009 Goals -

Run everyday of the year, at least 30 minutes (it's a motivation thing)

Race a couple times when fit - 800, half-marathon, something

February 4 - 48 minutes - I wanted to recover from yesterday's workout without only doing 30-35 minutes like I have been getting into a habit of. Today I was better about just getting in a little extra. I ran at a good clip also for having been a little sore from the day before. Just a standard run into Alton Baker and around a little. 7 miles

February 3 - 58 minutes - Despite feeling really sore and tired at the start of this run I had a really good workout. I warmed up for 15 minutes and then headed straight into a MINUTES workout of 4, 2, 4, 2 around Rexius. I cooled down to South Eugene track and did 6 x 100m strides. I did the first couple and was sooo tight, but it got much better after a few. I then did Hurdle Mobility and the Pedestal Routine. 9 miles

February 2 - 35 minutes - I waited late again to get this one in and I was feelng so tired that I just ran loops around the turf fields near Hayward until it was time to head home. Nothing special about this one. 5 miles

Week 4 - 48.5 Miles (I thought I had done a much bigger week before I added this up, sad but oh well)

February 1 - 74 minutes - I drove over to Florence in the AM to go for a long run with Chris Johnson at Sutton or Holman Vista for a run we call Sunday Tommy Sunday. It is on mostly on a very soft gently roling trail that is quite nice. We talked training and life. It went by pretty quickly and I felt decent, better than the night before. We did a titan ten right after. 11.5 miles - Titan Ten+

January 31 - 35 minutes - I felt awful all day today. Something I ate did not sit well and I felt like I was going to throw up a majority of the day. Not sure if I had a slight flu bug or what. I waited ALL day to try to see if I would feel better and I did not really. I headed out at 11 PM to get my run in and even though I wasn't feeling well I just cruised alright for a while. I felt gross though. 5 miles

January 30 - 48 minutes - Tried to get another "workout" tonight. I felt really sluggish and tired from my run the day before. I wanted to do a 12 minute pick up run and yesterday's seven miler with Kevin felt like that the whole time, at least faster than I had been going, but oh well I felt good yesterday. I warmed up for about 15 minutes and then just started running a solid steady pace around Alton Baker for 12 minutes, cooled down for a while back home. 7.5 miles

January 29 - 50 minutes - I ran a solid run with Kevin Ullman tonight. We cruised along at a legit pace out and around Rexius. I think we were cruising at 6:30 pace and I felt really really good today. My legs felt fresh and my feet light. It was a nice feeling. 7.5 miles

January 28 - 35 minutes - I ran another real easy run into Alton Baker at night. These are getting a little old, but fortunatley I'm starting to mix it up with my "training" a little more. 5 miles - Lifting

January 27 - 48 minutes - I skipped the drills with Cathie's group tonight, because I didn't want to aggravate the soleus. I thought I could probably get away with doing a minutes workout and was correct. I warmed up for 15 minutes then did a MINUTES workout of 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 then ran a cool down and ran over and did some strides at South Eugene track, then jogged back home. 7 miles Push-up workout

January 26 - 35 minutes - I went really light and easy today to not mess with my soleus. A standard night run into Alton Baker and back. Nothing exciting. 5 miles

Week 3 - 41 miles

January 25 - 49 minutes - I kind of flaked out in the morning. I have been feeling really tired in the morning. I skipped the 10 miler with Johnson and Blackmore. I actually had a great run later in the day though. I took Johnson's dogs Puck and Stamper to Siltcoos Lake Trail and ran two loops. It was an awesome run. It was nice to just run with the dogs, amazing how much better their presence made the run. I was pretty sore after the run, specifically my right soleus seemed to be cramping or strained from the hills. 7 miles Titan Ten+

January 24 - 32 minutes - Slept too late. I left late for the coast and a wedding in Florence. I went to the wedding and didn't run before hand. We went to the reception and after Chris Johnson was kind enough to run the minimum at Whoahink with me with flashlights at night. It was pretty crazy running out on those trails in the dark like that. 4 miles

January 23 - 35 minutes - I ran pretty late, had to make it a short one to make it to dinner with Jane, Shane, Stephanie, and Ben at 19th street. I felt ok, not amazing. 5 miles

January 22 - 53 minutes - I ran with Travis Stevens after the team did their pool workout. He is real fit and we cruised along at 6:30's I think the whole way around Rexius. I felt pretty tired, but was able to get this run in. Push-up workout.  8 miles

January 21 - 40 minutes - Got a nice late night run in after a long day at Lane. I didn't feel nearly as sore as last week after Cathie's workout. Not even close. Amazing what one week will do. I'm starting a push-up program today Bob Julian told me about. It is a program to 100 push ups. I downloaded the app for it on my iphone last night. The goal is to do 100 push ups without stopping. I did the initial test and only did 50 push ups last night. I didn't think that was real hot, but oh well. I started tonight on the workouts and did sets of 10, 12, 7, 7, 9, and then as many as I could do and oddly enough I did 50 again with 60 seconds rest in between all of the sets. So a total of 95 tonight. 6 miles

January 20 - 65 minutes of drills, intervals, strides, stairs - Despite being completely torn up after last week, I decided to head back to Cathie's group. We did most of the drills we did last week and twice during the drills I ran four laps including three laps of hard/easy 200's. We did the wall sits, squat jumps, fast feet, and lunges that wrecked me last time. This week I added the 8 repeats up some stairs at Hayward. I feel way way better than last week. I didn't add on any running at the end, because I know I got more than 4 miles for sure. 6 miles

January 19 - 35 minutes - Not sure why, but I was feeling soooo tired today. I was planning on running around 75 minutes, but ah I got tied up with some stuff during the day and then just felt wrecked. Wish I had gotten a longer run in. 5 miles

Week 2 - 42 Miles

January 18 - 30 minutes - Ran a little over 4 laps at Amazon with Chris Johnson and Mike Blackmore, before a marathon of watching football. 4 miles

January 17 - 30 minutes - Really only had time to get the minimum in on my own around Rexuis before dinner time with friends at Steelhead. 4.5 miles

January 16 - 41 minutes - Still feeling torn up...but after about 16 minutes I did a 10 min pickup with Jeff Sather and Chris Yorges, they were running 5:45 pace...I only made it 10 minutes before my legs were just done, they went much longer. Did the Back Routine before the run and a BIG TEN after. I hope my legs recover sometime... 6.5 miles

January 15 - 35 minutes - Same story. Hurting soooo bad. I had a lot going on today and couldn't run until 9:30 at night. If I didn't have this streak going, there is no way I would have ran tonight. I was hurting so bad I wore a hooded sweatshirt with the hood on so maybe no one would see me running so slow and made sure to go 35 to make sure I was gettin 4 miles in. 4.5 miles

January 14 - 30 minutes - I was STUGGLING to get this done, so sore from the drills the day before. This is when I would normally take a day off. 4 miles

 January 13 - 47 minutes? - Kind of hard to measure exactly how long I was running, because I went and did circuit training with Cathie Bellamy's group at Hayward. I ran 5 minutes there, did an hour worth of work that involved running the entire time with some intervals, but mainly drills and running in between. I added 25 minutes afterwards to make sure I hit the minimum of 30 minutes of 4 miles I have set for myself. This was pretty challenging, especially at the end. It was such a cool environment. I think there were around 30, maybe more, people out there working together. I was really hurting at the end when we were doing lunges and wall sits. My streak will be tough to keep going tomorrow, but I'm going to do it. I also did some hurdle mobility and strides out at Lane with some CORE today. DRILLS - CORE 7 miles

January 12 - 53 minutes -  I ran with the team today, since we had a long run at Alton Baker. I was feeling pretty awful most of it. I was running with Lukas, Travis, Erik and Alex, but would slow down to talk to others, then try to catch back up. I think that was hurting the effort, plus my legs were just cashed. I was planning on running an hour, but I was so tired I decided to shorten it up a tad. Big 7 7.5 miles

Week 1 - 44.5 Miles

January 11 - 42 minutes - I was real tired from yesterday's run and struggled through this one. It was embarassing passing people out on Pre's Trail, because I was just slogging along. 6 miles

January 10 - 68 minutes - Ran at Alton Baker with Jason Young, Mike Blackmore, and Chris Johnson. We ran at a pretty good clip the whole way and of course had good conversation, which we were getting fired up about at times. Headed straight to 19th Street afterwards. 10 miles

January 9 - 36 minutes - Just ran easy right before dinner to get the run in, felt a little sore from the hills the day before, nothing too bad though. 5 miles

January 8 - 49 minutes - This was one of the more motivating runs I've been on in a while. I just thought about a lot of stuff. No ipod and the time went by quickly running with only my thoughts. I ran over to Hendrick's and made three long climbs up into the park and back down. 7 miles

January 7 - 52 minutes - I ran as soon as I got up. I ran down to Amazon and then did a loop out on Rexius. I was feeling pretty tired, but it felt nice to get the run out of the way. I lifted out at Lane later in the day. Lift - CORE 7.5 miles

January 6 - 36 minutes - I was feeling real real sore and tired today. I just ran around campus a little, did a couple laps on Hayward and ran home. Titan Ten+ 5 miles

January 5 - 27 minutes - I ran around Florence around 7 am with Johnson before I drove back to Eugene. It was real early and on pavement. He unfortunately has to do that often just to get in a run in. Titan Ten+ 4 miles

January 4 - 50 minutes - Ran out at Sutton Creek with Chris Johnson. I use to not like that trail as much, but I'm warming up to it. We just talked the entire time about coaching and it made the run go by pretty quickly. 7.5 miles

January 3 - 32 minutes - We did one loop out at Siltcoos Lake Trail in Florence. Maybe my favorite place to run. We just got it in before the second day of the JA coaching clinic. I ran with Dave Frank, Chris Johnson, Mike Blackmore, Marty Beauchamp, and Gerry Tinkle. 4 miles

January 2 - 26 minutes - Chris Johnson, Marty Beauchamp, Mike Blackmore and I ran the minimum at Whoahink pretty quick before the first day of the JA coaching clinic. 4 miles

January 1 - 28 minutes - Chris Johnson, Marty Beauchamp, Mike Blackmore and I ran the minimum out at Whoahink while we did some filming for Kiger's movie. We ran around Tahkenitch and Sutton Boat Launch a little as well. 4 miles

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