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Published by King Cyrus
Jun 2nd 2009, 3:20pm | 4049 views

Its pretty cool being on a nationally ranked team like Oregon. Everyone has their role; we need all the athletes to compete at their fullest because at the end of the day it’s the points from everyone on the team that is helping us win. it’s a good feeling coming into a meet ranked #1, but it comes with a price, I have a huge target on my back. And if I don’t score the 10 points then that’s hurting the team that is counting on everyone to do their job. I can't really step it up any higher than 10 points in a meet so I have to do as much as I can with my one event. I think that PAC 10s that mentality was really putting a lot of pressure on me. I could feel the weight of knowing that I was ranked #1 and that I had to do it or we could lose PAC 10s, or worse than that my team and coaches would think less of me. All the pressure amounted to stress, and nervousness, and I did not throw well. Most people I think hate it when I say I did not throw well when I threw 250’ and won 1st place, but lets put it into perspective I have thrown 272 feet, ya that’s way out there, and I don’t need to be throwing it every meet. But I had throws that day at 213ft, and on my last throw I threw 250…. Which is still 22ft under my PR. I had a really bad series of throws, and I am looking for consistency. With 2 guys at 272 feet and another at 250 (Ryan Young) I would expect the winner of PAC 10s to have to throw around 260-270 feet. I don’t want to win with a 250, I would rather take 2nd throwing 265 and someone being better than me, than winning at 250 and just having everyone throw poorly. I want people to be at their best, and still win; I want to be the best on their best day.

West Regional had come around fast, and I was put in the same place with the same people, I had to figure out how I was going to change the outcome. I thought that I stressed out way to much, I was tense and did not throw well, so regionals I was going to be completely relaxed, I was going to throw for 5th place automatic qualifier for nationals and consider my job done. I wore some sun glasses that were my roommates, they were these old 80s early 90s sun glasses, with bright yellow, green and neon pink on the rim, they were my reminder that I was going to have fun. They were the object that was going to keep me from stressing out. I felt like the little kid in the movie “big Daddy” with Adam Sandler, he gives the kid sunglasses that make him invisible, and that’s what these sunglasses were for me, they said there is no pressure, get 5th place and you did your job.

We got out to the field and it was like a hot version of dejavu, it was the same conditions, same people and same crowd as PAC 10s, only thing that was different was it was 80 degrees in Oregon. Which is not usual.  We came out and I felt really good, I was smiling and having a good time. I was just hoping that Britton would throw far and make it to finals and maybe if he PRed he could go to Nationals with us. Warm ups went well, again like at PAC 10s we were in the second flight, so we had to warm up and then go inside and wait for about 35 minutes before we could get out on the field again. We waited and I ate some food, and before we knew it they were on their last throws, we went out and did some throws on the runway. I had a short approach go about 73m and I was feeling like it was going to be a great day.

I was the last person in the flight, so I got to see how everyone threw, and then I got to decide how far I really needed to throw, after the first round it was Corey white in the top around 71m and a couple at 68, it was like playing horse shoes and the pit was wide open. I opened up with a miserable 73.03 meters (239’7”) . As of last year I would not consider 73m miserable, but as I have gone 33 feet further than that this year just a month ago then I feel like I should be throwing more, but I wasn’t discouraged, I thought it was a good opener and I could keep on working at my technique.

After the second round of throws I was still in first, no one had thrown further so I had a good feeling that this throw would be top 5 and take me to nationals no problem, I didn’t need to throw any further…. The thought that I had achieved my job now I am done for the day had basically set in. I mean I wanted to throw farther but without the NEED to throw farther I just didn’t do it. I had all my throws over 70m, which is a new thing for me I think. Normally I take like 2 throws or something, I scratched a few but its only because they were right at the 70m line and I knew I had thrown further and didn’t need to waste anyone’s time. The big excitement or surprise of the day was coming from Boise State javelin thrower Pontus Thomee, he was warming up very slowly, and on his 3rd attempt he cranked out a 73m throw, just a few inches below me, but it pushed Corey White into 3rd place. I was excited for this, I thought it would piss Corey off enough to throw farther and push us to some good distances, but no…. he didn’t throw further, and he actually seemed quite ok with getting 3rd after watching his interviews on, much better attitude I thought than at PAC 10s.

So we are off to Nationals in Arkansas, I can't wait. I am kinda sad to say but I can't wait to get out of Oregon and throw someplace new and exciting where points are on the line and we get a tail wind, and if Corey White is not having a good day I know Chris Hill from Georgia will push me to some big throws. So what do I account my short distances in the throws? I think its because of some of the pressure, and me being new to a team atmosphere where people are counting on me. And I think after I threw 83m (272) that I have got it in my head that if I can throw that like I barely even used my arm…. Then what could I do if I did use my arm? So I need to just let the throws come to me, I think when push comes to shove I will come out on top. And I am going to prove it at Nationals. Chris Hill and I talk here and there and we can't wait to see the NCAA meet record go down.

On a side note I wanted to talk about the team aspect of the University of Oregon. I am a total numbers freak, I am a geek, I admit it. So to no ones surprise I have my own rankings for Nationals. I have looked at the numbers, they have us in 3rd I think right now, behind Florida, and Texas A&M on the guys side. But I have looked at the numbers; I have looked at who is on the national team. And I really think 3rd place for us is a joke. For starters we have the Triple Crown pressure that is going to make us all step up our game, we all want it, we all want to be on the first team to do it in like 20 years. No one is going to hold back and everyone is going to be at their A game. If you look at it, each one of our top guys (even if not ranked #1) has potential to take #1, we have a different kind of team, we are all the most competitive people I have ever met. You won’t see anyone settle for 2nd place. And that’s what is going to happen, the guys that are ranked 15-7 are going to step up their game and score points wherever they can, the guys 1-6th are going for the win. You will see, I have us taking 1st, Texas A&M actually in second and Florida taking 3rd. mark my words right now and you will see, I called it.

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