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Aug 28th 2009, 10:00pm | 16475 views

hey all, so i'm getting this started again, and hopefully it'll be more than one installment a month :) but we'll see...

School just started up, systems engineering is a mother fucker, but i've only got 16 credits so we'll see how that goes...

Track practice (well captain's practices) just began this past week, lots of conditioning and "lifting", i put it in quotes because this is God given :) i actually hate the weight room, but this is the first year that i will be doing off season training as opposed to another varsity sport, so i figured i'd try to make the training count. Early in the week we did some stations, i feel like we're training to run the mile with the running/endurance load we have, but i guess that's what happens in the off season, seeing as how during the season (well competition at least, i don't have to run more than 150' at any time (and that's on a rare long approach, since even after 5 years of throwing the jav i can still throw just as far from a 3 step)... anyway, yesterday we did a 7mi indian run w/ the 20 throwers (that number should go down as the season approaches and cuts are made... hopefully!), so in my response i skipped practice today, since it was inevitably going to be more fucking running (you can see how much i LOVE running), i went out w/ my company here and played some good ol fashioned tackle football :) which will always be my first love, and not playing this year is really really difficult for me.

So in conclusion, pre-season workouts suck ass, i think the coach/captain think that pre-season means we're training to run against The PRE... i'll do my best to let them know that is not the case, but i will most likely be protesting in vain... :(

stop pre.


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