Heading Home!!!

Published by djsherrod1
Mar 17th 2010, 5:26am | 755 views

So today is 17 March two days, I will have been here in Iraq for two years and three months...It is time to go.  I am heading home at the end of this month and I am very excited about it!!  It has been a long, sometimes bumpy road, but i managed and believe I ended up on top.  After thousands of miles on the roads of Anaconda/Joint Base Balad, these legs will be making their debut run on 1 May at the University of Illinois Half Marathon.  I have a large group of friends running various races down there so it is going to be a blast!!  I have been mainly training on an elite 5k program that has me running some good distance and great track workouts.  I believe I will be able to bang out a good half off of this program. 

There is plenty to say, but I am going to cut it short.  I won't be going straight home, going to spend some time in Germany.  Should be a great time!!

Hope all is well, and look for many more post to come via home baby!!!!



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