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Aug 7th 2010, 10:11pm | 2300 views
A parking sign NOT usurped by asshole college parking exceutives.  Damn it's beautiful!

Hey all you fellow RS'ers, it's me your good ol' cranky, whiny, complaining, organizer for UW Indoor Meet javeilin up the ass shoving buddy empb28.  I'd like to talk about a very serious subject in this blog.  What make it so serious is the fact that it's something that pisses me off.  And, as you know, a lot of things piss me off, but this in particular pisses me off the charts.  Ever wanna park your car within at least half-a-damn diescent walking distance of Hayward Field?  Then drag your ass to ANYWHERE but the blocks around 17th and Villard Streets in Eugene, OR!   Need to get a pre-meet workout in before racing at the OTC all-comers meets?  The walk from the nearest public parking spaces will not only take that problem off your hands, it just might screw you over and under for your race!  You probably see by now that I'm sick and tired of driving my car around the streets adjacent to Hayward Field trying to find a PUBLIC parking space that hasn't been reserved only for people with UO parking permits.  Seriously people, these evil public parking hating bastards of the worst kind have taken up parking spaces on RESIDENTIAL streets that are NOT part of the UO property.  So what if one of those residents wants to have a get together with some old friends or long lost relatives?  Where do the guests park their cars?  Look like they'll be parking on the lawn to avoid the evil, autrocious, lamentable, unfogiveable heartless act of parking you car in one of those UO street spaces.  I also noticed how alot of those sucky-ass permit-only spaces were EMPTY  while I was down there this past Thursday.  You see, a lot of U of O students have imaginary friends, who drive imaginary cars, and need to park them.  Ah now I get it!  And now I would like to take an imaginary machete, cut off U of O's transportation&parking executive's ball sack, and donate it to a charity for children born without ball sacks! (minus the imaginary part of course).  So if your gonna reduce my parking options around Hayward Field, just know that I will be a little less than a little less than a whole-lot-freaking-goddamn less than pleased with you.  And this problem isn't just limited to around the HF in Eugene.  During NCAA's, I wanted to park my car for a few minutes at the former OERR Depot which is now a restaurant in Downtown Eugene.  A guy came up to me a told me I couldn't park there.  Now, I'm HIGHLY sympathectic toward rule enforcers (as that is part of what I do for a living) and thus I didn't argue with him at all.  But let's enter a world where that was not the case at that time.  In this world, everything would be exactly the same, except his nuts would be lashed to one of the rails (by who else but....yours truly) of the adjacent Union Pacific Tracks and most likely have been severed off by the head locomotive of the next expected Amtrak train.  But, since I understand the pain of jerks who don't comply with rules, the passengers aboard Amtrak Train 14 that day had a bit less bumpy ride into the Eugene Amtrak station.  So with that, I must leave all you loyal RS readers of my blog once again.  Hopefully I've given you some productive suggestions on dealing with overly aggressive parking policy makers in good ol' Track Town USA.  Because just holding your violent, graphic fantasies against them in will only make you want to write about them on this blog for Runnerspace and deprive you of the joy of seeing horrible things be done to their reproductive organs. XD

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This seems consistent with the school my ex-girlfriend attended. Is everyone in Eugene just completely out-of-touch with reality?
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