2010 Leadville 100 Miler race report

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Leadville 2010 100 Miler Race Report

By Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko



“You’re better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can.” These words proved to be my motivation to complete my fifth Leadville 100 miler. Here is my aid station-to-aid station of the race.


Start to May Queen (13.5 miles): Great morning for the race with cool temperatures no rain and clear skies. This first section I take slow to prepare my body for the long day. It was a large field about 800 so the trail was crowded and difficult to get position before single track trail section. I felt pretty good but who doesn’t at this stage.  My friend Frank was running his first Leadville. Our plan was to stay together the first 50 miles and then you are on your own. Arrived at May Queen at 2:15 Elevation range: ~ 9,600-10,200 feet


May Queen to Fish Hatchery (10 miles/23.5 miles cum): Starting to warm up as we headed to Sugarloaf Pass. Running the flats and walking the uphills this the plan for the race. We were still talking about race plans and pace. Still feeling strong and always enjoy climbing the hills. Arrived at Fish Hatchery at 4:24. Elevation range: ~10,000-11,200 feet


Fish Hatchery to Halfmoon II (7 miles/30.5 miles cum): Ah the short flat section with pavement for 4 miles it is time to pick up the pace. Frank and I kept a great pace on the pavement. Frank was feeling tried in this section but felt very strong and ready to run.  Arrived at Halfmoon II at 5:58. Elevation range: ~9,400-9,900 feet


Halfmoon II to Twin Lakes (9 miles/39.5 miles cum): This section has some climbs but mostly flat. Frank was slowing up so I walk with him and try to get him to run when he could. The weather was warmer up and sun was making me sweat a lot which would could to cost me as the race processed.  Arrived at Twin Lake at 7:48. Elevation range ~9,300-10,400 feet


Twin Lakes to Winfield (10.5 miles/50 miles cum): Crossing the cold water sections after the getting out of the Twin Lakes aid stations was a welcome relief to my aches and pains. The deepest crossing was about knee high and coldest of the sections. This part of trail is a constant climb up and up to Hope Pass. We had to constantly keep moving to see any process. I pass Frank and stay ahead of him but 10 minutes or so. When I reached the of Hope Pass aid station I felt like shit. I decided to sit down have some soup and wait for Frank to reach the aid station.  Frank made it to the aid station and we reach the top of the pass together then ran the hill downhill section. We ran and walk the rough road section to Winfield. The sun was beating down on me and I was feeling dehydrated.  Arrived at Winfield 11:40. Elevation range: ~9,300-12,600 feet


Winfield to Twin Lakes (10.5 miles/60.5 miles cum): Finally pacers to help me out. My friend Ken joined me for the 10.5 mile trip back to Twin Lakes. I said bye to Frank and we were off. Out the aid station is a nice flat, slightly downhill section before heading back to Hope Pass. I felt pretty strong on this section running the whole thing. As we began the climb I felt tired with no energy at all.  I was sweating pretty well at this time and was dizzy. I stopped about three times to eat and drink. This section was not problem when I was living and training in Colorado but now as an Indiana resident it felt like a death march. Ken kept me moving one step at a time. After climbing Hope Pass again and stopping at the aid station we ran the downhill part to Twin Lakes arriving at 15:06. Elevation range: ~9,300-12,600 feet.


Twin Lakes to Halfmoon II (9 miles/69.5 miles cum): I was feeling a little better and Ken continued pacing me. It was getting cooler and darker my favorite time. I was getting into my element and Ken pushed me to keep it up.  Arrived at Halfmoon II 17:16. Elevation range ~9,300-10,400 feet


Halfmoon II to Fish Hatchery (7 miles/76.5 miles cum): Flat and pavement I hate to say it but it was a welcome site. Josh joined me and made me run the whole thing. He was a slave driver but kept me focus. Arrived at Fish Hatchery at 19:15.  Elevation range: ~9,400-9,900 feet


Fish Hatchery to May Queen (10 miles/86.5 miles cum): Josh continued to pace me for this section that has the last of the big climbs. We kept a steady pace up the climb which seemed endless in the dark. It was a beautiful night with moon lighting up the trail. Last section was downhill which I always enjoy. It was an adventure trying not to fall. Arrived at May Queen at 22:12.  Elevation range: ~10,000-11,200 feet


May Queen to Finish (13.5 miles/100 miles cum): Ken returned for another round of pacing. This section is always a problem for me but with Ken showing me no mercy pushed me. My legs said go screw yourself but Ken said “Let’s go!” We have a good rhythm going and were just about to exit Turquoise Lake when we lost of markers. We were unable to find the ribbons or the glow sticks. Two other runners caught up to us and we look around aimlessly. I was getting piss off and mad as hell. After running about 20 minutes on the road we found the boat ramp and back on the correct path.   Ken and I ran the flats and walk last uphill section before hitting the pavement for the last mile. It was not my best performance but I finished in 25:42 Elevation range: ~ 9,600-10,200 feet


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