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Mar 13th 2008, 3:57am | 1990 views
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~SISTA CRAZE blog of the week~

The past few weeks have been a journey through time.  We flashed back to the 50's and 70's and now we finally meet the present.  The question is still here though, has fashion really changed since the flashy seventies?  Its your time to decide for youself, what do you wear now?  Is it still shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes?  This trend is ever growing and still is the basic look for any runner or athletic person.  Now take a jog with us in a quick recapse of our previous blogs to really figure this one out.

In the fifties, under the layers of all the greased hair and high top sneakers, they continued the trend.  In the seventies, in the midst of the flashy sequins and disco balls we danced our way through even higher shorts and taller socks.  Even still the same idea is there.

Now in 2008 we sport the dri fit tops with the lightweight shoes, it makes all the difference.  In our opinion, the things that have changed is the advancement in technology.  Through history we learned what makes us faster and what doesn't.  Slowly a new trend comes about... the need for the newest, lightest, and flashiest outfit.  Our different body types force us to experiment and unravel new depths in clothing, leaving us with a hunger to make something better and new.  The question is now, what's next for our fashion gurus?

Keep it fly, cus we are!

The Krempley Sisters,

Katrina and Tara

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