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Published by Coach Matt
Apr 1st 2011, 9:14pm | 6816 views

A little bit of technical difficulties with today's video episode, which I didn't have time to fix before I headed off to work. I'll get this corrected this evening and you will have something fun to wake up to in the morning. April Fool's pranks included. (Video now up here.)


Quick summary of today's run:

.75M warmup

1.4M fartlek around trail (1:35-1:55-1:32-1:04-1:32-2:03) - Total trail time 9:44

.75M cooldown


The "on" segments were a quarter mile, and so were the off segments... however, the "off" segment before the last "on" is a little short. It was exciting being able to maintain the same 1:32 time even with the shortened rest. Also, the "off" segments were abou the same pace as what I had been doing my easy runs the last several days, so it was nice being able to maintain that as a recovery pace even with the pick-ups in the run. More on this and a longer write-up about the first draft of the training plan to come this weekend! Keep tuning in!


Happy April Fool's Day, and Happy Colorado Rockies Opening Day!


If you have a good April Fool's Day story, feel free to comment below!


And make sure to check out RunnerSpace's LIVE coverage this weekend:

Florida Relays

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run


RIAA, Coach Matt

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