NCAA Women Cross Country Championship Predictions - Post Regionals

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Nov 21st 2011, 5:37am | 6688 views
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  1. Florida State - Took first three spots at regionals while they rested two of their top runners
  2. Washington - Dominating win in the brutally tough West Regionals would have beaten Colorado at Pac-12, they perform this way at NCAA they could win title. First five in top 14 and within :25, same team that finished second at Griak with Goethals running in her first race, now Goethals finishes eighth at regionals
  3. Georgetown - Beats Villanova in a tie-breaker in very tough Mid-Atlantic Region.  Injuries and inconsistent performances covered by strong depth and finished third at Big East

4. Colorado - Experienced depth behind top-2 but without ’10 top runner Tremblay it will be tough to trophy

5. Villanova - #6 runner (40th) lost the tie-breaker with Georgetown (18th) at Mid-Atlantic Region. 1st at Big East, but their bg problem is their fifth runner.  At Pac-12 Colorado’s #5 runner ran 20:30 at Big East Villanova #5 ran 20:54

6 Iowa State - First four in top ten at Midwest Regional but #5 runner was 41st.  1st at Big 12 because Depth has come through without Tesfaye 

7.Stanford - 3rd at West Region and P-12 as freshmen not developing as quickly as expected

8. Arizona - Had to run well at regionals and team performed.  Kibet ran like she did earlier in the year and team is second against Huskies at regional. 

 9. New Mexico Lost to Colorado with the tie-breaker at Mountain Region.  With Oeding they have a chance to trophy but without her in the weak Big West they had 5 in top 12.  Senior 1st (20:47) and Ainsworth 12th (+ :57), first four (7th place) 27.7 spread, but missing Oeding at Big West, Ainsworth was fifth at :57.7.  

10. West Virginia - Third at tough Mid-Atlantic region as top runners are running well but depth is an issue as the #5 runner was 25th and the #6 runner was 66th.  The team ran well at Big East still finished tied for fourth at Big East

11. Vanderbilt - Second in South Region to Florida State.  Took 5 of top 9 spots at SEC (:29 spread Rogers to Smith)

12. Oklahoma St - Great performance at Big 12 (3rd) against two top ten teams  showed how the young runners are developing

13. Syracuse Won Northeast Region with much better performance than =4th at Big East

14. Oregon - Fourth in brutal West Region.  Penney DNF’d now there is a concern about a fifth scorer since Grabill ran poorly

15. Arkansas - Ran well to win regionals, first five in top 16 as freshmen finished ninth and eleventh.  

16. Texas - 2nd to Arkansas at regional as Behm is still struggling. 

17. Boston College - 2nd at Northeast region to beat strong field.  Second at ACC but average time :31 behind Florida State

18. Michigan State - Barely edged Toledo to get automatic spot (2nd) at the Great Lakes region.  Wins weak Big 10 womens title

19. Michigan - Dominated the Great Lakes Region as Tauro got a big win. 2nd at Big 10 

20. Virginia - Morgane Gay back (3rd) and won SE Region without top runner Strehler






Providence - Opportunity to run not provided by NCAA.  Sisson did not run at regional and #4 runner was top runner at Northeast Region as the rest of the team had a rough race but team was still a close fifth in the region


North Carolina - Schaaf way out ahead to win ACC then other four Tar Heels finished within :08 as team finished 2nd at ACC.  3rd at Southeast Region (#2 - #5 within 18 seconds as Schaaf won) behind two teams they beat at ACC, Virginia and NC State, but not much reason not to select them as an at-large team.

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