Product Review: Altitude Training - Higher Peak MAG10

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Higher Peak MAG10


Higher Peak Altitude Training


There are 3 basic keys to becoming a  better  athlete: proper  nutrition, appropriate  shoes, and constant motivation.   Keeping your mind and body healthy  will allow you to train more  consistently and effectively, which makes you  better.  These weekly  reviews aim to educate readers on product available  to fulfill their key  requirements.

Altitude Training - Higher Peak MAG10

Everyone knows that altitude training can be beneficial to your running.  But how should you do it?  Dr. J. Daniels did a fantastic series of lectures on the subject which you should be able to find here on  The summary would be that if you want to really nail altitude training, move to Flagstaff Arizona. 

If you can't move to Flagstaff you could consider an altitude generator, a machine which lowers the partial pressure of oxygen in the air.  The result is that special sensors around the heart detect the difference in pressure and release red blood cells while increasing repiration rate and heart stroke volume.  If you continue in this state for a relatively long period of time EPO is released.  Most of us are probably aware that EPO signals the body to produce more red blood cells.  The end result is a higher hematocrite giving you greater aerobic capacity.

As Dr. Daniels points out, if you're living below 4000 ft and use one of these machines it will absolutely not give you the same results as living in the mountains.  However if you use the machine properly you can see some very real results reflected in your training.  Firstly you need to establish a routine for its use and stick to it.  Secondly, be aware that using altitude training will not correlate to immediate race improvements.  Using the machine will give you aerobic strength which will allow you to train harder. 

The harder you train the faster you will be.  And that's what we all want.

Unless you're a professional athlete these machines are not just going to fall from the sky for you.  They are very expensive, which is why I've used the Higher Peak MAG 10.  The cost is about half of what you would pay for premier units.  I've had mine since 2009 and have had great sucess with it.

I can only give a few details, not so much a product review because everyone will have to decide for themselves how to fit this type of training into their lives.  But the MAG 10 will provide you with simulated altitude up to 21000 feet, runs fairly quietly, and is provided with a series of options packages for your training preferences.  Use of the unit will heat the room it's in which may be uncomfortable. 

If you're serious about artificial altitude training you need to go to their website and start planning if this is the right tool for you.  Good luck.


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