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Mar 10th 2012, 8:12pm | 7918 views

Okay, so... Tuesday, at track, we ran little bits of laps at different locations of my school. I lead my group in all the locations. Thursday, we did hills. 2 sets of 3. In my group, I would start the first one like 4th or 5th, then the last two I would take and hold a pretty large lead. Friday we were finally put in our groups: Distance, sprints, and all those things. Since I am distance, we ran like 23 minutes. Easy though, because of my race the next day =). So this morning, I had my race. St. Pats Parade 2 Mile. I was so thrilled. My time was 12:55 and a 6:28 pace. Great race. I'm so excited to see how track turns out this season. I have to make districts! But until then, it's training. We'll keep in touch Smile

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