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Mar 26th 2012, 10:57am | 7722 views

With Monday comes the beginning of a new work week for most of us.  It can be depressing in that the weekend is over and life seems to be more rushed to get in runs, errands, work, and even take time to breathe. I find that I cannot function throughout the week (pretty strictly) and weekends (more relaxed yet structured) without a structure/plan. Like in science-biology,chemistry,etc., with structure, function is determined, and vice versa.  Each forms the other in a symbiotic relationship in my mind and performance such that if one does not exist the other isn't really there either.  I have been this way my whole life.  I like to have a plan, stick with it, and I know things never go as planned always, but when they do not come close, that has been something that doesn't sit well with me.  I am a very determined person, and almost too structured at times, however, I know that without it I have no sanity. I find this helps my runs and my life because each week I have the days laid out to maximize time and effeciency/productivity.  Sometimes its hard to be Type A because it too can drive you crazy, but my mind/sanity goes out the window when I don't have a plan/goal for the day. Todays AM run was a 4 mile Tempo Run-27:30; followed by abs with David.  Midday is an 8 mile tempo run, followed by upper body wts and a short cool down swim, and then off to work,  I know that if I want to be the best runner I can be, and the most helpful to the patients I care for and the people I love, I have to have my own head right, and runs, errands, tasks outside, meals, etc scheduled out.  Some may find this too rigid, boring, too planned, but I was fortunate enough to find a man-now my husband David, with the same mindset and for this I was and am so thankful and was so relieved when I did. Everyone says opposites attract. I dont believe this.  If you don't have someone who is one your same "wavelength" and truly understands it all, arguments and misunderstandings will be a daily occurence.  If you find yourself struggling with finding time, feeling rushed, etc...Get up early, keep an agenda/blog/list and your days will feel much lighter when each event has a place so that things just aren't all over the place, because when my life feels like its going that way, there is no function.  Structure<----->Function<------>Stability<------>Peace and Laughing

Happy Running and Monday,

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