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During the weeks schedule, Hanson Brooks program outlines strength workout once a week during the last few weeks of training.  These run are 6-7 miles in length and are run at 10 seconds per mile faster than marathon goal pace.  These runs really get your heart pumping, especially if throughout you keep in mind the speed you need to be going.  Strength is needed physically in running for "strength" runs, for physical strength to complete the mileage and times, but more importantly at times is the mental strength that being an endurance runner requires.  During runs I used to always listen to music, however, when I met my husband he told me he didnt and I quickly learned that "good" "elites" etc. dont usually during races, but maybe sometimes during training.  If I have a day where I know I can get my mind in focus with the run I will use music, and I find that it can definitely help on the dreadmill of which I havent used in a while due to injury one almost caused a few mths ago.  Music can sometimes keep your mind from wandering and losing focus on the run or it can also do the opposite.  Depending on the day, the type of training run, and the way you feel mentally and physically is a good indicator of whether music is necessary.  If your mind is not strong, you can't run a mile, much less a race.  So much of running is physical, but there are times when physicaly your body is saying no, and mentally you can sometimes overcome this.  There is also the case of physical taking over the mental no matter how hard you push your body and brain is saying keep going....this is a defense mechanism so you will not hurt yourself or even die.  For me I know that mentally I can get through many challenging runs.  My drive andthe sense of completion and satisfaction that comes after a fast springtime 6 mile strength run not only strengthens the runner's body, but also gives peace to your mind, spirit, and sense of self. If you are not mentally "on track" then the runs will not feel peaceful, but a struggle between mind and body.  Who wants to let their mind trick them in running.  It plays enough tricks on us in all areas of life as is.


Happy running and positive mindsets, A 

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