April 2

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Apr 2nd 2012, 11:15am | 75403 views

Good morning!

Just finished a 4 mile tempo run after long run yesterday 16 miler and 8 miler on Saturday.  Needless to say my legs weren't fresh, but running on flats in the cool morning air felt good once I got into the short run.  The long runs over the weekend went well.  Its soooo warm outside but not humid yet, thus runs, the smell of the air, and everything are good conditions for training.  Today its back to work after a weekend of running and gardening and being outside with David and my grandpa for the most part.  David is dealing with some PF (plantar fasciatis) and its really sad to see him running mostly on the tmill and having to cut mileage for his feet.  He is spinning a lot fast and flat to compensate as well, but as runners we all know that no cross training feels as good as running.  Also, how frustrating an injury can be...I have had one major injury, and was NOT COOL with it at all.  It hurt physically, but more so mentally.  I hope so so much that his feet heal all the way soon because we have a really important half marathon approaching, and I know he is torn as am I about the training thats having to go on now.  As a runner you can't give up however, because doing so, in my opinion, is a viscious cycle....depression, weight gain, anxiety, fitness loss, self esteem loss.  You gotta make up and run as much as you can and compensate somehow for the other cals and missed miles.  Focus on the quality and quanity of the runs you are able to be complete.  I know David never gives up on anything, and this PF won't set him back much longer.  I love when we are on the same plan/page/almost pace with our running, especially the long ones.  Sometimes long runs are good alone--I have done many that way before and after I met my husband, but the long runs and especially strong ones we have completed together are the best, push us both harder, and I know we gain endurance and speed. Im thinking of David and trying to help him daily to keep a positive outlook and NEVER give up because I know his mindset, I know his potential, and talent, and I know they will be back soon. I miss it sooooooo much.

Thinking of David, So long for now,


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