Results for the Weekend of 3/31/12

Published by Martin Bingisser
Apr 6th 2012, 8:33am | 1799 views

Better late than never. I finally had time to compile the best results from last weekend. Alec Faldermeyer (UCLA) posted his third best result ever. He now ranks first in the West Region. In the post-collegiate category, Drew Loftin produced his top opening mark ever and second best throw ever in Colorado over the weekend. Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois) had the top collegiate women's mark of the weekend. Bigger results were seen in the post-collegiate ranks where Keelin Godsey threw a personal best of 69.14m. Gwen Berry, Brittany Riley, and Loree Smith also started their seasons over 65 meters.

Collegiate Men's Hammer Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Alec Faldermeyer          SO UCLA                    67.38m   221-01
  2 Matt Royer                SR Indianapolis (D2)       65.62m   215-03
  3 Anastas Papazov           FR Manhattan               63.64m   208-09
  4 Caleb Stuart              JR UC Riverside            63.10m   207-00
  5 Garrett Grey              SR Ashland (D2)            62.17m   204-00
  6 Tyler Johnson             SR Arizona                 61.98m   203-04
  7 Vincenzo Chiariello       SR Virginia                61.97m   203-04
  8 Dennis Aliotta            JR East Carolina           61.73m   202-06
  9 Pete Delzer               SR Wisconsin-Oshkosh (D3)  61.19m   200-09
 10 Max Mays                  SR Ohio State              61.19m   200-09
 11 Justin Victor             SO Coffeyville CC          61.09m   200-05
 12 Tomaz Bogovic             SR Kansas State            60.69m   199-01
 13 Montrell Morrow           SO East Carolina           60.11m   197-02
 14 Ben Ludtke                SR Wisconsin-Oshkosh (D3)  60.02m   196-11
 15 Alex Umstead              SR UC Santa Barbara        60.02m   196-11
Cutoff: 60.00m

Post-Collegiate Men's Hammer Throw  
    Name                         Affiliation             Result           
  1 Drew Loftin                  Unattached              74.69m   245-00
  2 Colin Dunbar                 Unattached              68.68m   225-04
  3 Joel Leong                   Q-Elite                 64.82m   212-08
  4 Mike Milakovic               Unattached              64.66m   212-02
  5 Adam Hamilton                Unattached              63.90m   209-08
  6 Bryan Tolcser                Unattached              62.39m   204-08
  7 Robert Keogh                 Greater Philadelphia TC 62.34m   204-06
  8 Taylor Berliant              Mo's Kids Late Bloomers 62.01m   203-05
Cutoff: 60.00m

Collegiate Women's Hammer Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Jeneva McCall             SR Southern Illinois       66.73m   218-11
  2 Melissa Kurzdorfer        SO Penn State              66.50m   218-02
  3 Ida Storm                 JR UCLA                    63.83m   209-05
  4 Taylor Bush               JR Arizona                 61.06m   200-04
  5 Alena Krechyk             JR Kansas                  60.51m   198-06
Cutoff: 60.00m

Post-Collegiate Women's Weight Throw  
    Name                         Affiliation             Result           
  1 Keelin Godsey                Unattached              69.14m   226-10
  2 Gwen Berry                   Unattached              67.71m   222-02
  3 Brittany Riley               Unattached              66.52m   218-03
  4 Amy Haapanen                 Unattached              66.50m   218-02
  5 Loree Smith                  Unattached              65.51m   214-11
  6 Chandra Andrews              Unattached              60.47m   198-05
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