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Apr 10th 2012, 5:09pm | 77302 views

Hello all!

Had a great run session today.  This morning a fast strength 4 miler in which you run at 5K pace throughout.  Timed out at around 28:17. Unfortunately David had to spin this morning because his PF hurts worse in the mornings...Hopefully tomorrow  morning he will be up and feel strong about amn am blitz run before work takes over the day.  The HB workout today called for a 7 mile strength run...same as above 5k pace or close to as possible for 7 miles.  needless to say they really push you.  I pumped through 7 rolling hills miles in about 51:17. Alberto Salazaar said hills are speedwork in disguise thus the more hills you do effeciently on your forfeet and fast in strength training pace, the better your hills training AND speed will become.  I try to think about this, especially on steep inclines.  Also remember to try to keep running on your forefeet downhill as well and maintaining a perched up, chest up, looking straught forward toward to the road, trail, cars etc and focus on your form.  If I find my mind drifting from keeping my form, or I get extremely tired, my form will falter and I will succumb to the heel strike stride I had to many many years and races.  Its so nice now and kinda overwhelming with all the new minimal running and forefoot promoting shoes all the great brands are making.  I did both my runs in my Nike Zoom Streak 3s today.  Great to feel breeze on your toes through the netting.  Well gotta go to work now.

Run strong,


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