Weekend Results for 4/28/12

Published by Martin Bingisser
Apr 30th 2012, 6:07pm | 3901 views

After a big weekend last weekend, many of the top collegiate throwers took the week off. But some were still in action and Jeremy Postin (Florida) led the way. He added more than two meters to his personal best and broke 70 meters for the first time to win the Drake Relays and move to third place on the NCAA rankings. Division 2 thrower Ryan Loughney (Ashland) again produced one of the best results of the weekend at a home meet. However the pros stole the shot with Michael Mai throwing a season's best to beat A.G. Kruger. Elsewhere, Jake Freeman had his first meet after returning from a doping suspension and ended with a throw of 66.17m. Zach Hazen ended up with the third best mark of the weekend after tossing a new personal best of 69.40m. Amanda Bingson (UNLV) had the top women's collegiate result of the weekend, while Jessica Cosby won the UCSD Triton Invitational to produce the top pro mark. Brittany Smith (Illinois State) also had an impressive personal best to place second behind Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois) at the Drake Relays.


Collegiate Men's Hammer Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Jeremy Postin             JR Florida                 70.73m   232-01
  2 Ryan Loughney             SR Ashland (D2)            68.37m   224-04
  3 Ross Bunchek              SR Wayne State (D2)        66.20m   217-02
  4 Jordan Clarke             JR Arizona State           65.39m   214-06
  5 Garrett Grey              SR Ashland (D2)            65.05m   213-05
  6 Quentin Mege              JR Minnesota               64.70m   212-03
  7 Justin Welch              SO Georgia                 64.67m   212-02
  8 Alec Faldermeyer          SO UCLA                    64.18m   210-07
  9 Nicolo Bolla              JR Troy                    63.85m   209-06
 10 Davis Fraker              FR Illinois                63.30m   207-08
 11 Daniel Szabo              FR USC                     62.63m   205-06
 12 Tyler Johnson             JR Arizona                 62.39m   204-08
 13 Brandon Pounds            JR Indiana State           62.29m   204-04
 14 Angus Taylor              SR Washington              62.23m   204-02
Cutoff: 62.00m

Post-Collegiate Men's Hammer Throw (incl. selected international results) 
    Name                         Affiliation (Location)  Result           
  1 Michael Mai                  US Army                 74.24m   243-07
  2 A.G. Kruger                  Nike                    73.87m   242-04
  3 Zach Hazen                   Unattached              69.40m   227-08
  4 Kevin Becker                 Shore AC                69.16m   226-11
  5 Garland Porter               Unattached              68.55m   224-11
  6 Brian Richotte               Ferguson Enterprises    68.34m   224-02
  7 Bryan Tolscer                Unattached              66.77m   219-01
  8 Jacob Freeman                Nike / NYAC             66.17m   217-01
  9 Colin Dunbar                 Unattached              66.06m   216-09
 10 Chris Bryce                  Unattached              65.37m   214-06
 11 Nick Welihozkiy              NorCal Throwers TC      64.41m   211-04
 12 Zechariah Whittington        Unattached              64.30m   210-11
 13 Arnaldo Cueto                Unattached              63.49m   208-04
 14 Vinny Tortorella             Unattached              63.37m   207-11
 15 Luke Woydziak                Unattached              63.34m   207-10 
 16 Mike Milakovic               Team Elite              62.80m   206-00
  1 Marcel Lomnixky              Slovakia (Virginia)     75.15m   246-07
  2 Mark Dry                     Great Britain (So Cal)  73.00m   239-06
  3 Akos Hudi                    Hungary (So Cal)        69.36m   227-07
Cutoff: 62.00m

Collegiate Women's Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Amanda Bingson            SR UNLV                    67.71m   222-02
  2 Jeneva McCall             SR Southern Illinois       66.15m   217-00
  3 Brittany Smith            JR Illinois State          65.28m   214-02
  4 Ida Storm                 SO UCLA                    64.16m   210-06
  5 Jenny Ozorai              SO USC                     63.96m   209-10
  6 Alena Krechyk             JR Kansas                  63.03m   206-09
  7 Taylor Bush               JR Arizona                 62.39m   204-08
  8 Nikola Lomnicka           SR Georgia                 61.16m   200-08
  9 Melinda Bendik            SR Libety                  60.30m   197-10
 10 Lindsey Spencer           SR Utah State              60.15m   197-04
Cutoff: 60.00m

Post-Collegiate Women's Hammer Throw (incl. selected international results)
    Name                         Affiliation             Result           
  1 Jessica Cosby                Nike                    70.04m   229-09
  2 Aubrey Baxter                Unattached              69.89m   229-03
  3 Keelin Godsey                Unattached              69.48m   227-11
  4 Amy Haapanen                 Unattached              67.49m   221-05
  5 Brittany Riley               Unattached              67.35m   220-11
  6 Gwendolyn Berry              NYAC                    66.23m   217-03
  7 Loree Smith                  NYAC                    65.87m   216-01
  8 Kristin Smith                Throw1Deep              63.58m   208-07
  9 Valerie Frazier              NEO Track Club          61.94m   203-02
 10 Chelsea Cassulo              Unattached              61.32m   201-02
 11 Shelby Ash                   Unattached              61.32m   201-02
 12 Emily Hunsucker              Unattached              61.02m   200-02
  1 Sophie Hitchon               Great Britain (So Cal)  68.52m   224-10
  2 Megann Rodhe                 Canada (So Cal)         64.36m   211-02
  3 Zoe Derham                   Great Britain (So Cal)  63.42m   208-01
  4 Laura Igaune                 Latvia (Iowa)           62.50m   205-01
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