Weekend Results for 5/5/12

Published by Martin Bingisser
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Alexander Ziegler (Virginia Tech) threw a season's best to produce the best collegiate throw of the weekend. Many of the top throwers rested this week in preperation for next weekend's conference championthips, but Conor McCullough (Princeton) and many of the best Division II throwers were in action. McCullough threw 72 meters to win the Ivy League title, and both Ryan Loughney (Ashland) and Matt Royer (Indianapolis) were over 67 meters in the D2 ranks. A.G. Kruger threw a U.S. leading mark of 75.66m in post-collegiate action. On the women's side even fewer top collegiate throwers were in action. Pro Jessica Cosby once again broke 70 meters and Amy Haapanen threw a personal best of 69.34m.

Collegiate Men's Hammer Throw  
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Alexander Ziegler         JR Virginia Tech           73.17m   240-01
  2 Conor McCullough          SO Princeton               72.13m   236-08
  3 Ryan Loughney             SR Ashland (D2)            67.40m   221-01
  4 Matt Royer                SR Indianapolis (D2)       67.15m   220-04
  5 Nick Miller               FR Oklahoma State          63.20m   207-04
  6 Leonard Joseph            JR Bucknell                62.87m   206-03
  7 Brandon Pounds            JR Indiana State           62.67m   205-07
  8 Eric Hubbard              SR Akron                   62.58m   205-04
  9 Mark Manno                JR Lock Haven              62.56m   205-03
 10 Michael Hoffman           SR Western Washington (D2) 62.51m   205-01
 11 Darien Moore              JR Valley City State (NAIA)62.20m   204-01
 12 Ethan Dennis              SO Michigan                62.18m   204-00
 13 Ryan McCullough           SR Central Michigan        62.15m   203-11
 14 Garrett Grey              SR Ashland (D2)            62.06m   203-07
 15 Gabe Wickham              SR Hastings (NAIA)         62.06m   203-07
 16 Tanner Hurt               SR Northern Iowa           62.01m   203-05
Cutoff: 62.00m

Post-Collegiate Men's Hammer Throw (incl. selected international results) 
    Name                         Affiliation (Location)  Result           
  1 A.G. Kruger                  Nike                    75.66m   248-03
  2 Chris Cralle                 Unattached              71.98m   236-02
  3 Andy Fryman                  Mjolnir Throwers Club   71.31m   233-11
  4 Robert Keogh                 Greater Philadelphia TC 67.09m   220-01
  4 Lucais MacKay                Oregon Track Club       66.16m   217-01
  5 Bryan Tolscer                Unattached              65.34m   214-04
  6 Jesse Doty                   Syracuse Chargers       64.18m   210-07
  7 Bryan Kolacz                 Greater Boston TC       63.39m   208-00
  8 Ben Bishop                   Unattached              64.02m   210-00
  9 Frederick Hannie             Unattached              62.21m   204-01
 10 Joe Frye                     Music City Mavericks TC 62.13m   203-10
  1 Marcel Lomnixky              Slovakia (NC)           74.90m   245-09
  2 Jim Steacy                   Canada (Montana)        71.66m   235-01
Cutoff: 62.00m

Collegiate Women's Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Liz Murphy                JR Grand Valley State (D2) 62.62m   205-05
  2 Melissa Kurzdorfer        SO Penn State              62.10m   203-09
  3 Melissa Minderler         SR USC                     61.66m   202-03
  4 Jessica Rowland           JR Findlay (D2)            61.49m   201-09
Cutoff: 60.00m

Post-Collegiate Women's Hammer Throw (incl. selected international results)
    Name                         Affiliation             Result           
  1 Jessica Cosby                Nike                    70.33m   230-09
  2 Amy Haapanen                 Unattached              69.34m   227-06
  3 Britney Henry                ASTF                    66.35m   217-08
  4 Loree Smith                  NYAC                    65.77m   215-09
  5 Ashley Harbin                Unattached              62.51m   205-01
  6 Chelsea Cassulo              Unattached              61.87m   203-00
  7 Valerie Frazier              NEO Track Club          61.31m   201-02
  8 Chandra Andrews              Unattached              61.18m   200-09
  9 Emily Hunsucker              Unattached              61.02m   200-02
  1 Heather Steacy               Canada (Montana)        71.26m   233-09
  2 Sarah Holt                   Great Britain (Oregon)  66.42m   217-11
  3 Laura Igaune                 Latvia (Iowa)           65.87m   216-01
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