Fields Announced for NCAA D3 Championships

Published by Martin Bingisser
May 17th 2012, 7:37am | 2229 views

The NCAA Division III Championships take place next weekend in Deleware, Ohio and the fields have been announced. Eric Flores (Cal Lutheran) and Sue Trzebiatowski (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) are the top qualifiers. While Flores has a good lead on the rest of the field, the women's competition will definitely be a close one.

Men Hammer Throw
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Eric Flores                   SR Cal Lutheran         68.10m 
  2  Ja'Mar Watson                 SR RPI                  61.32m 
  3  Taylor Berliant               SR Claremont-Mu         61.12m 
  4  Bryan Kolacz                  SR Keene State          60.97m 
  5  Andrew Brueggen               SR Saint Mary's         60.76m 
  6  Kevin Phipps                  SR Baldwin-Wall         60.73m 
  7  Christopher Murtagh           SR Bates                60.10m 
  8  Josh Brennan                  SR Carthage             59.80m 
  9  Tim Juba                      SR St. John's (         58.57m 
 10  Tony Baker                    SR Wis.-Oshkosh         58.55m 
 11  Brennan McKeag                JR Hamline              58.37m 
 12  Pete Delzer                   SO Wis.-Oshkosh         57.90m 
 13  Brian Walker                  SR RIT                  57.22m 
 14  Kenneth Cooper                SO MIT                  57.19m 
 15  James Walrath                 SR Wis.-River F         57.14m 
 16  Ben Ludtke                    JR Wis.-Oshkosh         57.07m 
 17  Greg Raimondi                 JR Carthage             57.06m 
 18  Adam Myers                    JR Augustana (I         56.51m 
 19  Tony Sigrist                  JR Wis.-Eau Cla         56.24m

Women Hammer Throw
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Sue Trzebiatowski             SR Wis.-Oshkosh         58.21m 
  2  Holly Ozanich                 SR Wis.-Oshkosh         57.90m 
  3  Amanda Brichacek              SR Nebraska Wes         56.24m 
  4  Samantha Loew                 SO Wis.-Oshkosh         55.28m 
  5  Yaneve Fonge                  SR Rochester            55.20m 
  6  Mindy Harrington              SR Carthage             54.29m 
  7  Brittany Frederick            JR Wis.-Eau Cla         54.00m 
  8  Emily Niehaus                 JR Centre               53.89m 
  9  Kelly Young                   SR Occidental           53.27m 
 10  Kayla Oberstadt               JR Wis.-Oshkosh         52.93m 
 11  Jessa Luebke                  SR Wis.-Whitewa         52.85m 
 12  Alexia Child                  JR Wis.-Oshkosh         52.75m 
 13  Brenna Coyle                  JR Hamline              52.26m 
 14  Erica Cox                     SR Whitworth            52.05m 
 15  Kristin Constantine           SR U. of Chicag         51.43m 
 16  Stephanie Powell              SR Brockport St         51.40m 
 17  Heidi Tobin                   SR Loras                51.26m 
 18  Sara Harstad                  SR Saint Mary's         51.17m 
 19  Morgan Darrow                 JR Central Coll         51.02m 
 20  Amina Avril                   FR Williams             50.53m 
 21  Katie Capriglione             SO Wis.-Superio         50.22m 
 22  Rochaunda Harris              SR Greenville           50.17m 
 23  Breanna Strupp                SO Wis.-Oshkosh         50.12m is a published by the non-profit Evergreen Athletic Fund and edited by Martin Bingisser. Please consider donating to help support the site.

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