Boulder: Day 19

Published by spawluk
May 27th 2012, 2:25am | 1736 views

What an awesome day to be in Boulder, Colorado.  This town has solidified its spot as my #2 favourite mid sized American City.  Numero uno honours still bellows to Knoxville Tennessee.  Kept kind of busy today with an athletes luncheon and then Rob, Sammy, and I wandered into town to check up this huge memorial weekend festival and farmers market that they had going on.  I met the mayor of Boulder.  The guy seemed pretty cool, very hippies.  We should replace Gregor with this guy.  At least with this guy in charge people would actually want the bike lanes.  Oh, major thing to point out.  They have bike lanes on all sorts of major roads here and the highways have tolls.  So quite whining and complaining about how tough life is in the GVRD. 

The public market was awesome.  They had an Obama booth but no Republican booth.  Apparently this whole town is quite liberal (also apparent in the amount of weed being smoked) and no one here votes Republican.  They also had a lot of food.  Lots of good organic veges and fruits and wild game.  It was quite impressive.  We managed to loose Sammy at one point and somehow Rob adopted some little kid who got separated from his parents. Worked out well because we met two lovely women who were very friendly and easy to talk to.  So the women here have nice bums and are also approachable.  We never found Sammy. 

The rest of the day was pretty typical.  Watched some TV and went to Safeway.  There is a show called Lockdown all about people in prison with 200 year sentences.  That’s a freaky reality.  Went for a run in the AM too.  Ice bath in the river, which was cold, very cold.  What else can I say?  Dinner was good and Rob and Sammy are two good guys to hang out with.  Now I’m going to go meet the Canadian women who I haven’t seen too much of and wander around for a bit. 

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Aaron Weidman
I knew this very large pothead in high school (who also managed to toe the line for some xc races...go figure) who ended up going to UC Boulder. Yep, very hippie.
Nigel Hole
Day 19, you should be fully acclimatized to the altitude by now. no excuses for going above 30 min.
Also, you live in Richmond, why are you complaining about Gregor, isn't Paul Brar your mayor?
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