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Jul 1st 2012, 4:35pm | 929 views

Dead Period is finally over!!!! Unfortuntely, it's still going to feel like we are in the dead period with my personal schedule coming up... Remember I have Jury Duty on Monday morning @ 8:30am. I will have enough time Monday to do introductions with the freshman and get you started and then I'm off to hopefully get done with my civic duty quickly :-)

Tuesday, if everything goes well... I will be at practice on time (meaning no jury duty!). If I'm not, hopefully our new assistant coach will be able to attend practice (can't coach you until she is cleared offcially with teh district). 

Wednesday is the Fourth of July and you are on your own! This means you can meet as a team or run on your own but YOU MUST RUN!!! 

Thursday will be just like Tuesday... 

Friday will be just like the other days, I will be at practice until I have to go to Jury Duty or I will be at practice the whole time.

Saturday I will be at practice no matter what!!!

THEN.... the following week I will be in Cabo San Lucas until Thursday... I will be at the district on Friday morning but I will be at practice on Saturday!! 

Sorry, I don't think I have ever had such a crazy schedule before! Thanks for understanding and working hard... See you Monday morning!

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