Get in the Trailer! No really. Right now.

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Sep 13th 2012, 1:53am | 2216 views
Random - Get in the Trailer! No really. Right now.
Our lovely compatriots in the fight to make YOU love Track and Field, Get in the Trailer, let us put together a photo essay of our first week on the road for their site. These guys are out to give their educated, unfiltered opinions on the sport.

I mean anyone who promises to return to the dirty, smelly and inappropriate roots of the Track and Field over a beer is fine with our dirty, smelly, beer-drinking selves.

Check out the essay stick around for more running related entertainment via their weekly podcasts.

We rocked you in Rock, Paper, Scissors this time, dudes, but we'll get the next round.
-Erica, Phe, Kat


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