Tony Filipek - Year in Review 2012

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Jan 1st 2013, 7:00pm | 3377 views

So here is basically a brief recap of my racing and mileage of 2012.  

Total Miles = 1,913

Fastest Mile = 4:02.8

Weekly Average = 36

Weekly Highs = 70/62/58

Total Races = 21 (12Track/7Road/1XC/1Trail)

Total Wins = 14

Total Prize Money = $650 + $300 + $700 = $1,650


It was a great year.  I developed some good experience in the 1500 being the first year I tried it and ran a 3:46.  I also dropped my road mile time down to a 4:02 so I was pretty amped about that.  As you can tell from above, 36 miles per week is relatively low for someone who expects to run fast times in events where the aerobic energy system plays a primary role.  With that being said, I will continue to listen to my body in 2013 but stay more consistent with the training progressing to the next level.  I think a good goal and safe one would be for me to progress to a weekly average closer to the 50s but at the mid 40s range at the minimum (43-47).  Quality workouts have never been a problem for me and that is most likely why I am still able to hit the marks that I have posted.

Being 24 years old right now and still very underdeveloped aerobically I think gives me a big advantage as my times should continue to drop keeping things from getting stale in the next 8 years.  My plan is to train for the 1500/Mile over the next 4 years while making a transition to progress into a 5k/1500 runner in the following 4years when I'm aerobically ready to make the jump.  

I met a lot of great people and traveled to alot of places this year through competing and also within my coaching career.  This year has truly been a blessing and I can only hope that 2013 will continue to bring opportunities in my life.

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