Back to normal...

Published by Drake Sterling
Jan 8th 2013, 9:23am | 4019 views

Luckily, after about 10 days of sickness, it looks like my training is back to normal. 

Saturday was my first chance to test myself after the sickness. I ran with "The secret weapon" Adam Lang and our newest Invader, Jeremiah Vaughan. Jeremiah took a visit with us last week and we are lucky to have him join the roster. He comes in as our strongest aerobic based team member and I think will be a valuable asset in the 1500 and mile. I'm really excited to work with him and I think he will help me improve from the distance side and hopefully, we can all do the same to help him improve at 800 meters. 

So back to Saturday's workout...Jeremiah and I had 2x4x400 with 90 seconds rest/full recovery. Our goal times were 58 seconds throughout. I still had a good touch of the cold and I noticed my chest burning more than normal between reps but it didn't really affect me when running. We stayed consistently between 57-59 on the first 7 and I was able to drop the eighth lower. We also had two 150's after the 400's at a faster pace which I was pretty zapped by. This is a workout we revisit pretty often and I know the times aren't blazing by any means and hopefully, the workout will be easier and faster as the season progresses. I do think there are a handful of times in a season when you need to give an effort that "takes you to the well". With just a week before the first race, this taught me a little about my limits. 

Monday's workout was even better than Saturday's. I felt 100% recovered from my illness. The planned workout was 300-200-150 with 3 min rest. I felt good rolling through at that pace and was able to hit the goal times (37.4, 24.9, and 18.2). I think it was just what I needed. We do something similar to this workout a few times throughout the season though it's usually more like 400-300-200-200 with 6 min rest. 

Looking forward to Saturday at University of Kentucky, it looks like it will just be Adam and I racing the 800. He's in very good shape as well and I'm excited to see what we can do. Nutter Fieldhouse is great 300 meter indoor facility. 

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