Ella Wurth - Pine Crest School - Future Penn Quaker

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Ella Wurth - Pine Crest School - Future Penn Quaker

Ella has accomplished a lot in her school career at Pine Crest School.  Most recently, she immensely helped her team to a runner-up finish at the State Cross Country finals and is only weeks away from her senior track season.  Ella told me months ago that her dream college was the University of Pennsylvania; a top tier Ivy League institution originally enivisoned and founded by Benjamin Franklin in the mid 1700's.  Ella's dream recently came through as she committed to attend The University of Pennsylvania as a student-athlete. - Why did you decide on Penn?

Ella - Penn was the perfect fit for me both academically and athletically. The most important factor in my decision was academics. I knew before I even made the decision to run in college that academics would come first. What made Penn so attractive academically was their encouragement towards interdisciplinary study. I'm still not totally sure what I want to do after college, but at Penn, I can graduate with a degree from the College of Arts & Sciences but still be able to take classes in other areas of study, such as business classes from the Wharton School. When I decided that I wanted to run in college, I knew that Penn was the right choice because all of the athletes there are not only athletes, but scholar-athletes. I knew that I'd be able to balance my academics while still being able to train and compete at the Division I level. I also lived in a suburb just outside of Philly for about 10 years, so it was also a huge bonus knowing I’d have a lot of friends and family close by. After my official visit, I knew it’d be the perfect fit. - How did the recruiting process pan out and do you have any words of wisdom for fellow harriers getting recruited?

Ella - The recruiting process can be exciting, inspiring, and can ultimately make your dreams come true, however it can also be a full-time job. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who are personally approached by schools you are interested in, it is up to you to reach out to coaches and really sell yourself. I spent hours filling out questionnaires, sending letters of introduction, stat updates, follow up emails...the communication never stops. One time I was in a movie with my friends and missed most of it because of a coach call! You always have to be prepared. Every email, every text, every phone call needs to not only be answered and addressed, but also thought-through and drafted. I found it also helps to really do your homework on the different schools and their running programs. I spent a lot of time looking up rosters and meet times from different teams to see where I fell and how much I’d be able to contribute.

By August, I had narrowed down my choices and was fortunate enough to take official visits to Rice University and Penn- my top choices from the beginning. The official visits were definitely my favorite parts of the process because I was able to really experience firsthand what it was like to be a student there. I met the teams, went to classes, and ate in the dining halls. Although they made first semester a little hectic, I had a blast. My final piece of advice is to never give up on the process. Before junior year I never thought that I’d be running D1, but it soon became a dream of mine. There’s a program out there for everyone, it just takes some work to find it. - What do you plan on studying?

Ella - I’m still undecided in my major, however I’m currently in my third year of economics in high school, so I’m seriously considering majoring in economics. I personally find it fascinating.  It’s also really popular to minor at Penn, so I’m also considering minoring in Spanish or biology. - Best cross country experience this past year?

Ella - This year was one of the most successful cross country seasons our team has ever had, and to be a senior captain was just icing on the cake! I’d say the best part was winning the team runner-up trophy at the state meet. It was the highest our team had ever placed, and the feeling of not only having a medal around your own neck, but seeing your teammates have one around their necks, can only be described as pure bliss. It was an incredible end to an incredible season.
From the team standpoint, this past State Meet was my favorite experience. From an individual standpoint, my best experience was my state race sophomore year. It was my first season of cross country and I was able to end  it with an 11th place finish and a huge PR! It definitely inspired me to continue running and bring my game to the collegiate level. - What are your plans/goals/objectives for Track season?

Ella - Because this track season is my last for high school, my main goal is to have as much fun as possible while I’m competing. I also want our team to defend our district championship title- even if it means I need to triple jump here and there ☺. On a personal level, I’m hoping to PR in the 800 and mile, and I’ve also been working to get my 400 time down a little bit more to help with my kick in the longer races. Can’t believe I’m already beginning my last season at Pine Crest!

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