Forget John Tucker: THE 96 BUS MUST DIE!!

Published by empb28
Nov 20th 2008, 11:48pm | 1191 views
A incompetent piece of shit on wheels? I SURE THINK SO!!!

Hello again.  I'm writing the first blog I've written in a little while because something has finally broken my no-piss-off streak.  So with that said I'd like to ask a rhetorical, yet non-rhetorical question: What has four wheeles, is a god-forsaken piece of sabertooth tiger shit, and can't keep a schedule worth a good old fashioned damn?  Well nothing really is.......EXCEPT TRI-MET's 96 BUS!!! For those of you non-Portland area residents, Tri-met is the commuter transit company here in the city that piss me off!!!  So I leave my house for PSU this morning and walk about a quarter of a mile to the street corner bus stop.  I arrive on-time and wait....and wait.....and go partially deaf from the noise of all the gravel trucks passing by....and wait......and wait.....and finally start kicking the bus stop sign out of rage of being stood up by ol' nuscence-96 again!  I coul've just waited for the next bus into Portland for a mere.............FOUR FUCKING HOURS but I decided that I needed to get to the weight room and class at PSU so I had to drive my car...and waste my gas......and money.....and time.  Now, if you consider that some of my college savings went to a bus pass then you'd probably think I'd be ever so a little bit pissed about spending money for parking.  Actually, I was pretty goddamn pissed at feeding those parking pigs 8 of my very own American dollars.  Oh, and you could only park for 3 hours at a time in the spaces!  Yet you can pay more money to the parking machines without having to move your car!  So, if I've got this straight, then the 3-hour parking limit...DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING MATTER!  But it still meant hat I had to run out of class and refill those parking douchebag's dollar sign sack in the wind and rain and camel-infested (camel=smoker) Park Blocks!  So you see how one prick-ass 96 bus can mess up my whole damn day? And for god's honorable kick-ass sake, all Tri-Met bus drivers have a compute screen in front of them telling how late or early they are and they're NOT supposed to ever let themselves run ahead!  I mean, they stop and wait at certain stops along their route if they're running early.  And why the hell can't the 96 bus run DURING the day or at least a little more spread out?  So I guess all you fellow Runnerspacers reading this probably think that I'm going to give a nice friendly little speech to the driver who stood me up today next time I see him.   When I ride this lousy bus that likes to fuck around a million miles with me again, I'm gonna make Eminem's music sound like a sermon given in the Sistine Chapel! 

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