Playin in Dirt - Feb 28 - Mar 6. 2011

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Sunday Mar 6 - Outdoors Week 1: Mark: 20 miles Tim: 29 miles
Tim: Matt and I went for an easy 3 mile jog today. It was actually just under 3 miles but hey, I am feeling like I deserve a little wiggle room on this one.
Total of 3 miles

Mark: I jogged 1.5 miles from auto zone to the running store where I work...then about half a mile back before walking the rest so I’m gonna call it a solid 2 miles for the day!

Saturday Mar 5
Tim: Took the day off, trying to recover from the high school kids pwning me.
Mark: We were at the Don Green Invite today, so I just slipped away during a break in events and did a 6 minute warmup, then 10 minutes of back to backs with 15 second strides, then 15 seconds rest. 3 miles.

Friday Mar 4
Tim: This was a crazy day. I woke up and went running with the guys. We ran just under 5 miles easy and felt pretty good. Then I was off to work.

Surprise workout at Ayala high school.
No warmup. Post redbull.
600, 400, 400, 600, 300, 300, 200, 200, 200, 200.
2 mile cool down
Total of 10.5 miles

Mark: Easy 4.5 mile run this morning.

Thursday Mar 3
Tim: So today was a fun one. Today we ran a two mile pace run, rest 3 minutes and 1 mile at pace. I know this is short, but hey you gotta start somewhere.  Our goals were to hit all miles around 5:30 and if we could pick it up, we would do as the workout progressed. That is exactly what we did, however, at a much faster pace. I guess Mark was feeling good today, for once. He is usually just one big whiner!

1.75 mile warm up
2 mile tempo (5:25, 5:22)
3 min rest
1 mile tempo (5:04)
1.75 mile cool down
Total of 6.5 miles
Mark: I ran all the same times as today, so no need to repeat them :) 6.5 miles today, really racking up the tally here.

Wednesday Mar 2
Tim: Today, I was in San Diego. It was a nice trip. This morning I woke up early and ran 6 miles with my Nike Sportband to help me judge the distance accurately. I thought as I was running that some day I am going to miss the ability to go run... loved it.
Total of 6 miles
Mark: 4 mile easy miles.

Tuesday Mar 1
Tim: My run today was a relaxed one. Only 4 miles, but it was a change of scenery being in San Diego for a couple days. Just ran nice and easy to keep my sanity. :)

Total of 4 miles

Mark: Took another day off just to recover from travel and indoors and such. 0 miles

Monday Feb 28
Tim: So my calf has been bothering me still... but hey I got the urge to run hard today. I ran to the tempo course, didn’t stop, and began picking up the pace. I started my watch when I crossed the starting line and ran relaxed. I did the mile loop twice and finished in 11:03 (5:33, 5:30) I was very pleased. In my trainers, with a busted calf, not having trained in way too long, it was awesome! Don’t laugh at my lack of success. ;) Regardless, I am enjoying the road.

Total of 4.5 miles

Mark: I am flying back to LA today, so I decided to just take a day off to recuperate from the weekend and prepare to get back to training again. 0 miles

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