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2011 Schedule - Nike Adams Invitational

Published by
ross   Mar 2nd 2011, 1:00am
13th Annual Adams Invitational



1:00pm		7		60m dash Midget Women		Prelim
1:20pm		10		60m dash Midget Men		Prelim
1:40pm		8		60m dash Junior Women		Prelim
2:00pm		11		60m dash Junior Men		Prelim
2:20pm		9		60m dash Senior Women		Prelim
2:40pm		12		60m dash Senior Men		Prelim

1:00pm		13		3000m Open Women		Final
1:00pm		14		3000m Open Men			Final

3:00pm		20		200m Dash Midget Women		Final
3:20pm		17		200m Dash Midget Men		Final
3:40pm		19		200m Dash Junior Women		Final
4:00pm		16		200m Dash Junior Men		Final
4:20pm		18		200m Dash Senior Women		Final
4:40pm		15		200m Dash Senior Men		Final

3:30pm		1		60m Hurdles Midget Women	Final
3:40pm		2		60m Hurdles Junior Women	Final
3:50pm		3		60m Hurdles Senior Women	Final
4:00pm		4		60m Hurdles Midget Men		Final
4:10pm		5		60m Hurdles Junior Men		Final
4:20pm		6		60m Hurdles Senior Men		Final

5:00pm		21		1000m Run Midget Women		Final
5:20pm		24		1000m Run Midget Men		Final
5:40pm		22		1000m Run Junior Women		Final
6:00pm		25		1000m Run Junior Men		Final
6:20pm		23		1000m Run Senior Women		Final
6:40pm		26		1000m Run Senior Men		Final

5:00pm		7		60m Dash Midget Women		Final
5:00pm		10		60m Dash Midget Men		Final
5:00pm		8		60m Dash Junior Women		Final
5:00pm		11		60m Dash Junior Men		Final
5:00pm		9		60m Dash Senior Women		Final
5:00pm		12		60m Dash Senior Men		Final

7:00pm		27		4x400m Relay Midget Women	Final
7:00pm		29		4x400m Relay Midget Boys	Final
7:00pm		28		4x400m Relay Open Girls 	Final	
7:00pm		30		4X400m Relay Open Boys		Final

Meet may run up to 15 minutes ahead of schedule

Field Events – 13th Annual Adams Invitational

1:00pm		31		Shot Put Junior Women		Final
		32		Shot Put Open Women		Final
1:00pm		34		Pole Vault Open Women		Final
		35		Pole Vault Midget Men		Final
		36		Pole Vault Open Men		Final

1:00pm		41		High Jump Midget Women		Final
		42		High Jump Open Women		Final

1:00pm		40		Long Jump Open Men		Final

3:00pm		45		Shot Put Open Men		Final

3:00pm		43		High Jump Midget Men		Final
		44		High Jump Open Men		Final
3:30pm		38		Long Jump Open Women		Final

5:00pm		33		Shot Put Junior Men		Final

5:00pm		37		Long Jump Midget Women		Final
		38		Long Jump Midget Men		Final

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