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Meet Details / Instructions

Dear Coaches,

Thank you for your interest in the 48th annual Arcadia Invitational track, set for Friday-Saturday, April 10-11, 2015, at Arcadia HS, located approximately 17 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. 

For each of the last 14 years, the Arcadia Invitational has ranked first in the nation in the number of EPI Elite marks achieved among high school meets, serving as proof of Arcadia’s unmatched levels of depth throughout all event areas. The meet has also produced 25 national records while an amazing 152 meet alumni have gone on to represent the United States in Olympic Games competition!

This email is to inform you that on-line meet registration for the 2015 meet opens on January 19th at http://arcadia.episports.com

Please carefully review the outlined areas below to familiarize yourself with key details for this year's meet:


MEET FORMAT The meet that takes place under National High School Federation rules and California Interscholastic Federation rules. All participants must represent their high school and compete in their high school uniform. As such, “unattached” competition is not allowed. No exceptions!

There are three "Sessions" on the Arcadia meet weekend: (1) Friday Night Relays session and field events; (2) Saturday daytime "Open" session track and field events; (3) Saturday night "Invitational" session track and field events.

Events contested in either session on Saturday are the same while Friday’s session includes six ‘off-distance’ relays (4x200, 4x800, 4xMile, 800m sprint medley, 1600m sprint medley and 4x100/110 shuttle hurdles) as well as field events.

The best verified entry marks will compete on Saturday night, with the next best verified marks competing Saturday morning/afternoon. For field events, best marks will compete Saturday night, the next best on Saturday during the day, and the next best on Friday evening.


TIME SCHEDULE:  The two-day meet runs as follows:
 - Friday Night Relays session from 4:30 to 10 p.m.
 - Saturday Open session from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
 - Saturday Invitational session from 4 p.m. -10 p.m.

The meet runs on a very strict time schedule, linked at the meet website.


EVENTS OFFERED:  100m | 200m | 400m | 800m | Mile | 3200 | High Hurdles | 300m Hurdles | 4x100 | 4x200 | 4x400 | 4x800 | 4x1600 | Shuttle Hurdles | 800m Sprint Medley | 1600m Sprint Medley | Distance Medley | LJ | TJ | HJ | PV | SP | Discus.  (For details on the Arcadia Multis [decathlon and heptathlon], please visit our Multis website at http://runnerspace.com/Arcadia-Multis)

For Saturday night’s session, there are two heats per event (an ‘invitational’ heat and a ‘seeded’ heat) in most track events. The top 9 verified entry marks compete in the ‘invitational’ heat of the lane races. The next nine will compete in the seeded heat.

The rest of the track events on Saturday morning/afternoon (400, 800, mile, 1600, 4x400, distance medley) will be heats of finals only. There is also a “Rising Stars Mile”. This is for freshmen and sophomore boys only.

Athletes can compete in no more than four events over the course of the two days. Meet management reserves the right to avoid seeding athletes into overly difficult event combinations (three distance events on short rest, for example) based on the meet's time schedule and its high level of competition. 


QUALIFYING MARKS FOR ENTRY CONSIDERATION:  The marks listed below are the absolute minimums needed just to even submit an athlete into the EPI Sports.com entry database. The marks below DO NOT ensure entry.

If the athlete does not have a verifiable mark that satisfies the minimum, the athlete will not even be considered in the seeding process. If the athlete does meet the minimum standard, he/she then only moves into the 'consideration pool', where only the best verified marks will then ‘make the cut’ to compete.

The meet will be seeded on March 29th -April 1st and entries will be posted online by the morning of April 2nd . If you are traveling from a great distance and would like to know beforehand of an athlete's likelihood of qualifying into the meet before making air travel arrangements, please contact the meet director directly via email (ArcadiaInvite@aol.com).

Coaches coming from a long distance should not purchase airline tickets until verifying (well in advance, if necessary) if an athlete will likely be accepted. In many cases, we can confirm an athlete’s acceptance well in advance if their mark is safely below the cutoff. Athletes will not be entered simply because a plane ticket was purchased.

Minimum marks that are required to register. These marks DO NOT ensure entry: 

















4:24.99 (sea level)

5:16.00 (sea level)

Rising Stars Mile: 

4:29.99 (sea level)



9:43.99 (sea level)

11:22.00 (sea level)

High H:





















800m SMR:



1600m SMR:



Dist. Medley:



Shuttle Hurd:



High Jump:



Pole Vault:



Long Jump:



Triple Jump:



Shot Put:







ENTRY FEES:  School entry fees for 2015 are as follows:

- Saturday night "Invitational": $80 per relay and $20 per individual
- Saturday daytime "Open": $60 per relay and $15 per individual entry
- Friday Relays/Friday field events: $80 per "Invitational" relay, $60 per non-invitational relay; $15 per field event entry.

There is an entry fee cap (a maximum) of $250 per gender if that school’s total entries for that gender would otherwise have exceeded $250. So a school's total fee will range from anywhere as low as $15 (for one individual entry in a non-invitational event) to up to $500 (if the total entries for each part of a co-ed squad exceeds $250 per gender when each gender’s entries are added together.)

Schools will not be charged for any athletes that are entered by the coach into the registration database but do not qualify into the meet.

Entry fee payment is to be made on meet day (at packet pickup) by either cash or school check, or paid in advance online. More details to come regarding the benefits/advantages of advance online entry payment. Checks should be made payable to: "Arcadia Invitational".

Teams will not be allowed access into the stadium nor be allowed to compete unless fees have been paid.


SANCTION APPROVAL FOR TRAVELING TEAMS:  Out-of-state and international teams must declare their intent to compete as soon as possible at http://arcadia.episports.com. The Arcadia Invitational has forwarded a list of out-of-state schools (which will be updated as we draw closer to meet date) to the national high school federation office to seek approval from their respective state associations to compete. Most states do grant approval, with limited exception.  

If you are unsure of your state's standing, contact the meet director. The national federation website (www.nfhs.org) also has an updated report of which states approve/deny the Arcadia Invitational for participation by their member schools. Once again, please declare ASAP to ensure your school is on the list and cleared to compete.


AWARDS: Custom medals in either of two sizes per design will be awarded in each session. Specific details on medals breakdown will be posted at the meet website in March. In addition, invitational watches will be awarded to the winner of each invitational heat individual event (Saturday night) and invitational batons (made by RelayBatons.com) will be awarded to the winners of each relay team member in the invitational heat relay events. An overall meet MVP award will also be presented for each gender.


NIKE SOUVENIRS: Participants in the "invitational" session on Saturday evening or in the "invitational" heats on Friday evening will receive an embroidered Arcadia Invitational backpack courtesy of meet presenting sponsor Nike.

Participants in the "Open" session on Saturday or in the non-invitational heats on Friday will receive a silk-screened Arcadia Invitational Nike gymsack (spike bag).

Only one item per athlete; in the case of an athlete who participates in both the invitational and non-invitational portion of the meet, that athlete will receive the backpack.


TRAVEL INFORMATION: Meet-negotiated hotel rates are available for a limited time at the "Travel Info" link at www.arcadiainvitational.org  The Arcadia Invitational recommends the Doubletree Hotel as the preferred hotel for your stay. Most hotels are located within two miles of the school.

If you are flying in for the meet, please note that there are five major airports located within 20 to 40 miles of Arcadia High School, located at 180 Campus Dr., Arcadia, CA 91007. Please check the “Travel Info” link at the meet website for more details.



*****VERY IMPORTANT!***** 

DECLARE/REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL/ATHLETES ON-LINE AT EPI SPORTS: Only athletes entered via the online process at  http://arcadia.episports.com will be considered for entry into the meet. No faxed or emailed entries will be considered. 

To register, coaches must do the following: 

  (1) Create an EPISports.com account for their school by logging on to: http://arcadia.episports.com.  If you have an account from last year, you can use that account. Create your own username (which is your email address) and your own password (which only you will know). Please save this password.

  (2) Only one coach per school (highly preferably the head coach) is to have an EPISports.com account for use with the Arcadia meet. Using more than one account is grounds for having ALL marks by that school being deleted from the database and the school not being allowed to compete.

  (3) Upon successfully creating your EPI Sports.com account, follow the on-line steps provided there to declare your school.

  (4) Once you successfully declare, you will be given a link which contains all directions regarding entry procedures (our seeding process, which marks you can use, such as 2015 vs. 2014 marks, indoor or outdoor marks, altitude marks, relay times, etc.).



 - School declaration period: Jan. 19th to March 25th. This is the first step and is done online at http://arcadia.episports.com. Schools must declare ASAP, but no later than March 25th at 9:59 p.m. EST.

 - On-line registration period: Sunday, January 19th to Wednesday, March 25th @ 11:59 p.m. EST. You must enter your athletes and their marks during this time frame.

  - Late-entry registration period :Thursday, March 26th to Sunday, March 29th @ 2:59 pm EST. Any athlete name added into the database for the first time at this late stage will have a $20 late-processing fee automatically added to the final team fee. This will be enforced for the first time in 2015.

  - Marks updates & FINAL deadline: Sunday, March 29th at 3:59 pm EST. This is to update any entry mark improvement for athletes already in the meet system.

  - Seeding: Meet management seeds the prospective entries from March 29th –April 1st.

  - Acceptances: School-by-school entries will be posted at the meet website on Thursday, April 2nd. Coaches will also be sent an email on that day with the meet's final instructions (check-in procedures, final time schedule, procedures for scratches and alternates, facility access, spike length provisions, etc.)

  - Meet dates: Friday-Saturday, April 10-11, 2015.

Coaches must adhere to all deadlines! 

Please declare and register once those on-line windows open. You can always update your marks later. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.


Richard Gonzalez
Meet Director
website: www.arcadiainvitational.org