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LIVE Webcast - New Balance Indoor Nationals 2012

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/HighSchool   Mar 11th 2012, 1:00pm

New Balance Indoor Nationals 2012

The 2012 New Balance Indoor Nationals live webcast will be available on their Facebook fan page facebook.com/newbalancenationals.


Race and Post-Race Videos 

Schedule Of Events

EE = Emerging Elite

FRIDAY, March 9

10:00am EE 60m H Trials
10:45am EE 60m Trials
11:20am EE 60m H Final
11:35am EE 60m Final
11:40am EE 2 Mile Final
12:30pm EE 4x800m Final
1:20pm EE 400m Final (sections)
1:55pm EE 800 Final
2:45pm EE 200m Trials
3:20pm EE 4x200m Final
3:50pm EE Mile Final
4:35pm EE 200m Final
4:55pm EE 4x400m Final
5:30pm EE Sprint Medley Relay Final
6:10pm G – Distance Medley Final
6:40pm B – Distance Medley FINAL
7:10pm G - 5000 meters FINAL
7:55pm B - 5000 meters FINAL
9:00am G – EE Shot Put FINAL
9:00am G – EE Long Jump FINAL
10:00am G – EE Pole Vault FINAL
12:00pm B – EE Shot Put FINAL
12:00pm B – EE Long Jump FINAL
12:30pm G – EE High Jump FINAL
1:00pm B – EE Pole Vault FINAL
3:00pm G – EE Triple Jump FINAL
3:00pm G – EE Weight Throw FINAL
3:00pm B – EE High Jump FINAL
6:00pm B – EE Triple Jump FINAL
6:00pm B – EE Weight Throw FINAL
6:00pm G – High Jump FINAL

SATURDAY, March 10

60m Hurdles G – 8:15am B – 8:00am
Shot Put G – 9:15am (estimated) B – 11:15am (estimated)
Long Jump G – 10:30am (estimated) (pit 1) B – 9:15am (estimated) (pit 2)
High Jump G - 12:30pm (estimated) (pit 1) B – 1:15pm (estimated) (pit 2)
800m / 1000m G – 2:30pm (estimated) B – 3:15pm (estimated)
8:30am Freshman 60m Dash G/B Trials
8:50am 60m Dash G/B Trials
9:35am Freshman 60m Dash G/B FINALS
9:45am 60m Hurdles G/B Trials
10:35am B – Shuttle Hurdles FINAL
11:05am G – Shuttle Hurdles FINAL
11:35am G – 4x200m Relay Trials
11:55am B – 4x200m Relay Trials
12:15pm G – 4x1 Mile Relay FINAL
1:05pm B – 4x1 Mile Relay FINAL
1:50pm G – Sprint Medley FINAL
2:20pm B – Sprint Medley FINAL
2:50pm G – One Mile Walk FINAL
3:05pm B – One Mile Walk FINAL
3:20pm G – 400m Trials
4:00pm B – 400m Trials
4:40pm G - Freshman 400m FINAL
4:55pm B - Freshman 400m FINAL
5:10pm Freshman 1 Mile Run G/B FINALS
5:50pm G – 200m Trials
6:30pm B – 200m Trials
7:10pm G – 4x800m Relay FINAL
7:55pm B – 4x800m Relay FINAL
12:00noon B – Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
12:00noon B – Long Jump FINAL
2:00pm G – Shot Put FINAL
3:00pm B – Pole Vault FINAL Seeded
4:30pm G – Long Jump FINAL
5:00pm B – Shot Put FINAL
6:00pm B – High Jump FINAL

SUNDAY, March 11

9:00am G/B – 2 Mile Runs Unseeded sections
9:30am 800m FINAL - all but top 2 sections
10:05am G -- 60m Hurdles Semis
10:15am B -- 60m Hurdles Semis
10:25am G -- 60m Dash Semis
10:35am B -- 60m Dash Semis
10:45am One Mile Run FINAL - all but top 2 sections
11:10am G – 4x400m Relay FINAL - all but top section
11:25am B – 4x400m Relay FINAL - all but top section
11:50am Opening Ceremonies  
12:00pm G – 4x200m Relay FINAL
12:08pm B – 4x200m Relay FINAL
12:16pm G – 2 Mile Run FINAL
12:31pm B – 2 Mile Run FINAL
12:46pm G – 60m Hurdles FINAL
12:54pm B – 60m Hurdles FINAL
1:02pm G – 60m Dash FINAL
1:10pm B – 60m Dash FINAL
1:18pm G – 400m FINAL
1:26pm B – 400m FINAL
1:34pm G - One Mile Run FINAL (top 2 sections only)
1:49pm B – One Mile Run FINAL (top 2 sections only)
2:04pm G - 800m FINAL (top 2 sections only)
2:16pm B – 800m FINAL (top 2 sections only)
2:28pm G – 200m FINAL
2:34pm B – 200m FINAL
2:40pm G – 4x400m Relay FINAL (top section only)
2:48pm B – 4x400m Relay FINAL (top section only)
9:30am G – Weight Throw FINAL
10:00am G – Pole Vault FINAL Unseeded
10:00am B – Triple Jump FINAL
12:30pm B – Weight Throw FINAL
1:00pm G – Triple Jump FINAL
1:00pm G – Pole Vault FINAL Seeded

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