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A Rabbiting Debate - blog by Lauren Fleshman

Published by
Coach Matt   Aug 8th 2010, 7:27am

The basic idea of a rabbit, for the rookies out there, is to have someone take the lead in a race at a designated pace for a set distance.  In this 5k, for example, I’m most likely going to be asked to run 68.0’s for the first 5 laps, and then drop out without tripping the field (which is harder than it sounds).  I’m still waiting for the details.

Race directors sometimes feel it will help them sell tickets if they can say someone is making a “World Record Attempt.”  Since so few athletes can run those paces, these potential record breakers are choosy about which meet they will do it at.  They have great bargaining power as a result, and can say to a race director, “Sure I’ll try for a world record at your meet, but you will pay me $____ appearance fee and you will provide two rabbits for me, one for the first mile and the other for the first 3k.  I get $_____ if I set the record as well.”

Rabbiting is a subject worthy of great debate in our sport, and I’m philosophically conflicted about it.  It has its moments of use, and you can’t really break a record without one anymore.  But mostly I’m a fan of rabbiting for selfish reasons:

1.  Its a chance to be a part of a World Record (which is an incredible opportunity).

2.  Its a pay day baby, and I could use some flow.

3.  It sets me up nicely for my next race.

Read the full article at: asklaurenfleshman.com
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