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Coach Jay Johnson Pt 1 - Coaches Clinic - Midwest Distance Gala 2009

Published by
Chris Nickinson   Jun 15th 2009, 1:39pm

Part 1 of Coach Jay Johnson's talk

Midwest Distance Gala

Part 1 - Coach Jay Johnson - Gala Coaches Clinic
Part 2 - Coach Jay Johnson - Gala Coaches Clinic
Part 3 - Coach Jay Johnson - Gala Coaches Clinic

link to the slides and corresponding videos

Jay Johnson

*Weekly RunningDVD giveaway! We know that people are watching these Tuesday Tips and that's great, yet we'll all be better served if you and others will write questions/comments/observations in the comments area. I'll respond, then you may decide to respond to that response and pretty soon we'll have a much richer resource for us both. To that end, RunningDVDs.com will be giving away 3 DVDs each week to the first 3 people that comment on the newest "Tuesday Tips" video and become a fan of the RunningDVDs.com site. Simply post your comment below, become a fan and shoot me an email at support@runningdvds.com with your name and mailing address. I'll send you a free copy of Vol.1 or Vol.2 of Building a Better Runner, just specify which DVD you'd like. I look forward to your comments and to making Tuesday Tips a dialogue that helps us all.

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6 comment(s)

Very good question, and just to make sure my answer is clear I'm going to quote from your comment:

"Runners who have been doing GS and core work for years don't need to go back to base one over the summer in regard to ancillary exercises, do they?"

Well, the answer is, sort of. Lets take a step back from GS and just look at a runner who wants to run 70-80 miles a week during the XC season. And lets assume that they ran 65-75 miles a week during track, then took two weeks completely off. From their first week back to the start of XC and their "full volume"*, what would their progression be? Probably 35, 45, 55, 60, 65, 60, 65, 70, 70, 75, 75, 75, 80. Same thing with GS...go back to the basics - back routine, pedestal routine, myrt cool-down, etc., but only do those for 7-10 days until you feel well and then move to thinks like leg circuits and cool down's like Grant Green.

Very good question Payton
*Wetmore term

aaronisrunning -

The progression at RunningTimes.com - http://runningtimes....ArticleID=16625 - is the best place to start. But the cool thing is that when that series ends this summer then you'll be ready for things like Blue Monk or Athena/SV Leg Circuit workout...both very challenging, but again, 3 months from now that amount of work will be appropriate after your hard workouts.

Under Xero

Slow down as that is the problem most distance runners tend to have - they want to go through the routines as fast as they can, thinking they get a better stimulus. That may be true during a track workout, but not when you're doing a cool-down like myrtl or cannonball. Also, with all of the back exercises I tell athletes to simply take out any exercises that "feel weird" as we have have different weaknesses and in the first 4-6 weeks of serious GS work you simply can't expect to do everything.

Hope that helps.
Under Xero
Coach Jay,

Well I've been this exercise from the DVD which I like the australian crawl, but its breast strokes, with scissors with my legs, and requires ALOT of coordination while causing muscle faitgue on my lower back, and on these types of workouts i am wondering if i should focus on coordination or the muscle fatigue or both, btw your DVDs are GREAT PRd in the 5k by 3 minutes finally broke 20 im at 19:47 and i just started running this year
Thanks Coach Jay,

I always find your videos useful and am learning a lot. I am 26 and really just getting to find my way in running. How much time do you recommend a beginner like me would need to find true running potential?

Coach Jay,

Your lecture at the Gala was just as dynamic and interesting as the drills/exercises you promote every Tuesday! Very cool, Jay! I have a general question about reintroducing strength training and drill-based exercises into an athlete's regimen between seasons. Runners who have been doing GS and core work for years don't need to go back to base one over the summer in regard to ancillary exercises, do they? Shouldn't the first step back be more aggressive with experienced athletes, and if so how should they be appropriately implemented during the off-season (I know plyos and olympic lifts should not be done in July when Cross Nationals are in November, etc.)? Thank You!

Thanks Coach. I had no idea you were roommates with Goucher. Cool.
Here is the link to the slides and corresponding videos.

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