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Oregon Twilight
I have always known my ranking and i have most of the names above me memorized so when alex wolff came over and showed me the entries for the oregon twilight meet the week before the meet started i noticed i was ranked 9th in the meet. i was surprised....
May 15 2008, 04:34 PM Viewed 25529 times, liked by 0 people, shared 3 times with 0 comments
Oregon Does it Again!
Had the pleasure of being part of a coverage team at the 2008 Oregon Twilight. Always an impressive high performance meet with a featured mile/1500, but this year was extra special when Duck Sophomore Andrew Wheating cemented his place in the ranks of...
May 10 2008, 04:14 AM Viewed 2897 times, liked by 0 people, shared 2 times with 0 comments