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2010 Entries - USA Men's 20 km Championship - Official Website

Published by
Chris Nickinson   Sep 2nd 2010, 2:59pm

As of 9/2/10 8:00 a.m. PT
All received entries are shown on this page and are subject to change.

Questions about your entry? Contact Jim Estes (e-mail)

Start List

Women   Men
Amy Hastings   Allen Wagner
Ann Alyanak   Ben Bruce
Carol Jefferson   Brendan Callahan
Cassie Slade   Brett Gotcher
Clara Peterson   Chris Chavez
Colleen Dereuck   Dan Browne
Elizabeth Herndon   Dan McGrath
Emily Potter   Doug Goodhue
Erin Nehus   Fernando Cabada
Heidi Westover   Jake Schmitt
Kara Storage   James Carney
Kathryn Hatch   Jason Hartmann
Katie Dicamillo   Jeffery Rios
Kristen Fryburg-Zaitz   Josh Moen
Lauren Johnson   Justin Young
Lauren Uhler   Michael Kilburg
Loretta Kilmer   Michael Rolek
Magdalena Lewy Boulet   Mike Sayenko
Megan Hovis   Mohamed Trafeh
Nan Kennard   Patrick Rizzo
Nicole Hagobian   Patrick Smyth
Reilly Kiernan   Patrick Tarpy
Sharon Lemberger   Peter Gilmore
Stephanie Rothstein   Ryan Sheehan
Tara Storage   Sean Quigley
Tera Moody   Seth Pilkinton
Zoila Gomez   Stephan Shay

  Zachary Hine


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4 comment(s)
Here is a link to the live updates, the first link went to the wrong place. http://www.runnerspa...showtopic=57843
I thought Runnerspace would have some kind of updates found here?
Where are these so called "updates"?!?!
Cabada is out now.
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