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Oregon Relays (javelin) (May 2nd 2009, 4:38am)
Track Town, USA! (Apr 26th 2009, 11:04pm)



Oregon Relays (javelin)

Published by
King Cyrus   May 2nd 2009, 4:38am

My entry is all but a week late but i still wanted to vent, and write out what has happened over the last week.

there was Oregon Relays! it has been a long awaited meet, basically my favorite meet of the year so far. it has had the best competition for me and really just wanted to get out and throw big.

the weather held up a litlte bit and i was ready to throw!

something i have been told by all my coaches not to say to media (and i am sure someone in the media will read this so i am saying it) but they say, "never tell anyone how far your are going to throw" because if you do..... and you dont throw that far, then they think u are a disappointment. i wasnt exactly telling the media, but i told alex wolff that i was going to throw really really far. and then i whispered into coach Dan Steele's ear that i was going to throw 80m (262'6"). i had been begging my coaches all week to place an 80m line on hayward's field to give me something to shoot for and they finally did, so i had to get it. i really wanted tos how that i could be consistant and throw 80m more than just once.

so i dont know if i really painted a target on my back, of such a goal that if i didnt achieve it that i was a failure, but i figured only ppl that knew were me and my coach.

i was the last guy in my flight, and i was really warmed up, i even took a long break before we thrrew, i wanted to be fresh. i saw John Hetzendorf throwing and he looked really well, warming up with no speed, right around 70m (230') i wasnt super worried about anything because i know his PR is 256 from like 2005, i still saw him as competition, hes experienced and if i dont have a good day he will beat me.

everyone opened up with their first throws really bad, i was suprised, John only threw 232' it was kind of like playing horse shoes, and the first player throws and the pit is left wide open for u to take it. i got up and hit one pretty good. there was a pretty strong head wind (which i hate) coming at me, so i threw low (as to gain lift from the wind) it was a lazer beam, i knew that it wouldnt be better than my PR (272'10") so i walked over to my coach Christina Scherwin for advice. the announcer said it was 79.83m i was so close to my goal. and it was on my first throw. i was determined to throw farther.

the next throw was no better it was kind of a disappointing meet for me, i was shooting for consistancy and throwing 6 quality throws, but after my first it was all down hill. i had thrown 4 throws and we decided that i was not gaining anything and had the potential of getting hurt because i was trying to throw so hard with my arm, so we pulled the plug.

it was a great meet, i wish the winds were better, but britton nelson had a great PR throwing 214'6" so i was really proud of him, i cant wait to see how he does

as for now most of us are taking a little break till PAC 10s. its going to be awesome. there are so many guys in the PAC 10 throwing javelin over 70 m. the funny thing is that like a few years ago you could win the PAC 10 with about a 73m toss, now it takes so much more, i cant wait to see what happens, then regionals and nationals. Chris Hill is back and fresh so i cant wait to see how he does in his conference and at nationals.

its going to be a big year. i would keep your eyes and ears peeled for the results in the Jav, there are a lot of young guys ready to show our country proud










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