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2012 Schedule - Northwest Scoring Clash WAR

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Northwest Scoring Clash WAR   Apr 6th 2012, 10:20pm
Updated Schedule (4/6/12)

Field Events

9:00am	Men’s Hammer (3F), Women (3F) to follow
	Women’s Discus (2F), Men (3F) to follow (Infield Ring)
10:00am	Women’s Javelin (2F), Men (2F) to follow
10:15am	Men’s Long Jump (3F), Triple Jump (2F) to follow
	Women’s Long Jump (2F), Triple Jump (1F) to follow
	Women’s Pole Vault “Flight 1” (under 11’-Bar starts at 9’0”)
		*Women’s Pole Vault “Flight 2” (11’ above) to follow “B” bar starts 10’6”
		*Men’s Pole Vault (start at 11’) to follow Women’s “Flight 2”
11:00am	Men’s High Jump
1:00pm (apprx.)	Women’s to follow Men’s 
2:00pm	Men’s Shot Put (3F) will follow Discus
	Women’s Shot Put (2F) will follow Hammer

Track Events – Note: Women will go first and we will not get more than 15:00 ahead of schedule. Also, this is only a tentative time schedule. Athletes must be checked-in 30:00 minutes prior to their event!!!!

9:00am	Women’s 5k “Section 2”
9:30am	Men’s 5K “Section 2”
9:50am 	Women’s 1500 “Section 3”
10:00am	Men’s 1500 “Section 3”
10:10am	Women’s 3K Steeplechase “Section 1”
10:30am	Women’s 3K Steeplechase “Section 2”
10:50am	Men’s 3K Steeplechase “Section 1”
11:05am	Men’s 3K Steeplechase “Section 2”
11:25am W-400m Relay (1H)
11:35am M-400m Relay (2H)
11:45am	Women’s 1500 “Section 2”
11:50am	Women’s 1500 “Section 1”
12:00pm	Men’s 1500 “Section 2”
12:05pm	Men’s 1500 “Section 1”
12:15pm	100M HH (2H)
12:25pm	110M HH (3H)
12:40pm	Women’s 400m (4H)
12:55pm	Men’s 400m (5H)
1:10pm	Women’s100m (3H)
1:25pm	Men’s 100m (3H)
1:45pm	Women’s 800m (3H)
2:05pm	Men’s 800m (3H)
2:35pm	Women’s 400m Hurdles (2H)
2:50pm	Men’s 400m Hurdles (3H)
3:10pm	Women’s 200m (5H)
3:25pm	Men’s 200m (5H)
3:45pm	Women’s 5K “Section 2”
4:10pm	Men’s 5K “Section 2”
4:35pm	Women’s 1600m Relay (2H)
4:50pm	Men’s 1600m Relay (2H)
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