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LIVE Webcast - NCAA Division I East Outdoor Preliminary Round 2012

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/College   May 26th 2012, 5:22pm

Website:Click here | Results by: Flash Results | 2012 East Region Host - University of North Florida

May 24-26 Jacksonville, FL

Results can be found by following the links below:

May 24 | May 25 | May 26

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9 comment(s)
This server is not working, any advice or any other place i can watch it?
Strength Athletes
shot put?
Strength Athletes
It's not me... the volume on the feed is low
Strength Athletes
my damn volume is so low!
A lot of guys running on the outside of this huge pack is going to take its toll at some point....just saying
Top 10 entries:
Event 8 Men 10000 Meter Run Prelims
Name Year School Seed
1 Soufiane Bouchikhi JR East Kentucky 28:35.91D
2 Zachary Mayhew JR Indiana 28:55.06D
3 Kyle Dawson SR Penn State 28:55.33D
4 Justus David JR Mid. Tenn. St 28:55.69D
5 Michael Fout JR Florida State 28:57.89D
6 Tito Medrano JR Syracuse 29:07.73D
7 Alexander Soderberg SR Iona 29:09.35D
8 Daniel Mutai JR UL-Monroe 29:10.20D
9 Pat Dupont JR Syracuse 29:14.83D
10 Deus Rwaheru SR West Kentucky 29:15.06D
We will have plenty of pictures from the East Regional posted to the site tonight and tomorrow by Sherri Enders so check back later on tonight.
Just everybody knows, the announcers are being told to not give splits as they are also the meet announcers (so the athletes have to get their own splits)
Underway with the Mens 10K..any takers on the top 3 finishers?
History for NCAA D1 East Outdoor Preliminary Round
2015 1   9    
2014 1   20    
2013 1 1 4    
2012 1 2 4 671 1
2011 1   4    
2010 1 17 10    
2009 1   1 139  
2008     2 129