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Sunday Highlights - New Balance Nationals 2013
Michael Cherry Boys 400m Champ - New Balance Nationals Outdoor 2013

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New Balance Nationals Outdoor

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New Balance Nationals Outdoor posted a video - Jun 18 2013, 11:49 PM
Sunday Highlights by Ian Terpin
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DistancePreps.com - The Future Runs Now posted a photo - Jun 17 2013, 09:03 PM
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RunnerSpace.com/HighSchool posted a news article - Jun 16 2013, 11:24 PM
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This is sort of becoming the Wesley Frazier appreciation thread, but for good reason.

Take a look at what she did in New Balance Nationals events over the course of four years. It's astonishing.

2010 Outdoor
2Mile: 10:24.47 for 3rd place behind Goethals and Cuffe
5K: 16:59.19 for 2nd place behind Katherine Walker

2011 Indoor
5K: 16:50.55 for 4th behind Neer and the Fluehr sisters
2Mile: 10:30.13 for 5th

2011 Outdoor
Mile: 4:44.76 for the WIN. She was fourth place at 1,500 meters and beat the Meiers sisters, Seidel, Cain, Margey, Moye, Knight and Neale
2Mile: 10:10.86 for third. She lost to Cuffe and Kayla Beattie. Beat Neer, Seidel, Finn, Chase
5K: 16:24.83 for the WIN. Won it by 17 seconds, Finn was second

2012 Indoor
5K: 16:46.15 for fourth. She lost to Finn, Pierce and Nerud

2012 Outdoor
Mile: 4:48.28 for second behind Margey
2Mile: 10:13.43 for the WIN.
5K: 16:57.04 for third behind Erba and Anderson

2013 Indoor
5K: 16:18.01 for WIN, beating Finn with amazing final 200 to get her by .01
2Mile: 10:12.23 for the WIN

2013 Outdoor
Mile: 4:39.66 for the WIN
2Mile: 10:07.35 for the WIN
5K: 15:55.94 for the WIN

So there it is .... 16 races, 8 victories (including her last 5 in a row), never worse than fifth .... and 128 points!!!

Yeah, if you really think about it deeply, ranking the all-time greats isn't easy, especially when you're making it as broad as "distance runner." Figuring in cross-country, championships in all three seasons, times in all three seasons, and so on, it's not easy.

No girl has done these NBNO triples like Frazier. She's Verzbicas-like in that area. That speaks highly of her in several ways, including great performances in prep-only races, and her 1M to 5k range. The fact that she won all these titles in three years, having that kind of consistency, is very good. Of course, not all of the best girls do NBNO. You can argue that Cranny and Efraimson could beat her in a mile, for example ... but could any of them do that triple?

A fair number of other girls on the all-time lists have gotten their best times in mixed races with collegians and pros, like Cranny and Efraimson this year, and Hasay in the past.

Frazier's overall record in XC wasn't great on this level, so if you're figuring that in, it could bring her down a little.

Then you have to look in the past at the slates of history's great ones, like Fairchild, Gallagher, and so many others and make your comparisons.

National titles, range and multiple years of greatness are in her favor. Not that many girls are frosh prodigies, like she was, and then still progress to their highest levels as seniors. Many are 1 or 2 year wonders. Frazier hasn't always been consistent across the board in every season, at all her major meets, but this indoor and outdoor season she's been pretty much unbeatable. Brooks PR 2M to Finn might be her only loss, but she's better now, of course.
Scott Bush
If it wasn't for Cain, Frazier would have been the most talked about female prep distance runner since Jordan Hasay. What a year! Where does everyone think she ranks amongst the all-time greats?
Most un/under-appreciated prep runner ever?

Wesley Frazier is easily the greatest New Balance Nationals female performer of all-time. Now, it helps that she lives an hour away from Greensboro, and that she geared her seasons for it, but how many national titles did she finish with? Eight? That's ridiculous. Congrats and much respect to her!
What a run for Wesley ! A champion's heart ! Duke is getting a great competitor.
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