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So cochise... (Oct 11th 2008, 10:42am)



So cochise...

Published by
djsherrod1   Oct 11th 2008, 10:42am
Hey all, Just an update, I haven’t really had time this last week to get on here. I ended up running a pretty decent 10 mile time during the Army 10 Mile Race here at Joint Base Balad considering the training conditions. I could have gone faster, but again, ended up making a couple wrong turns, one which led me falling into some barbed wire laying out on the dirt between a flight deck, (it was dark out and that stuff doesn’t really stick out until you are right up on it…) but all in all, I ended up winning, hitting 10 miles in 58:51. I crossed the finish line at 1:00:03 seconds due to the fact the wrong turns had me run an extra quarter mile…thank god for GPS. There were a couple fast Ugandan runners, but they faded around 4 miles and I put in a big surge between 5 and 6 to seal the deal. We have a 5k tomorrow with a couple more 5ks next week, I am still determining if I am going to run all of them or just jog…we have a 15k coming up a little later on this month, and then a track meet taking place early November. I put together a team, it should be interesting…Go “Team Execution”...were so cochise! I can’t wait! I love track meets, although this track is concrete, a shade longer then a quarter mile and we have the all the normal BAD training conditions…lol Oh yeah…The beard is back! Hope all is well with everyone. See you on the roads. Sherrod out
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