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7th Annual Northwest Track and Field Invitational


Northern Nevada Track & Field Teams:


We are hosting the Northwest Track and Field Invitational on April 5th at McQueen High School.  The cost for the meet is $180 which is $90 for Varsity Boys and $90 for Varsity Girls Teams. If you have a smaller team the entry fee will be $5 per individual competing in the meet. I would like to have entries completed on Athletic.net this year. I have also entered 2 events in the JV division for boys and girls. These events will receive no medals. The events are 100 meters you can enter 2 JV girls and boys, and the Triple Jump you may enter 1 JV girl and boy.  


You will be limited to four individuals in each event any extras will cost $5 per individual per event.  Each athlete is allowed to compete in 4 total events. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 places and Plaques to the top 2 teams. The entry limit on all the races is 4 for individual events, 2 for relays, and 8 for distance events “800 meters -3000 meters.”


We will start the meet at 9:00 am for field events and 9:45 am for running events. A second relay team may be entered and allowed to score in the meet.


In the field events, each individual will get their first legal mark measured, after that you must hit the minimum mark. This will be determined by athlete’s entries. Each athlete will get three attempts in the shot put, discus, long jump, and triple jump. After the prelims 9 athletes will make it to finals and get 3 more attempts.  


We will be charging fans and spectators at the Track & Field entrance.  It will cost $6 for adults and $4 for students any Students in 8th grade or younger will get into the meet free with a school ID. We will have a concession stand open serving food and drinks.  Locker Rooms will not be available unless a coach asks to use them before the meet.  We ask that each coach be responsible for their athletes conduct and team camp.  We especially would like each coach to be aware of the following policies:

  • No jewelry allowed while competing.
  • No IPODS or MP3 players allowed during competition. They can be on the infield but when it is time to compete they need them off in order to here the official.
  • No sunflower seeds, food or gum allowed on the football field.
  • 3/16  inch spikes or smaller on the track.
  • No athlete is allowed to jump the fence at any time.


Order of Events (Running Events)

4x800 VB                                           400 M VB

4x800 VG                                           400 M VG

110 Hurdles VB                                  400 M JVB & JVG

100 Hurdles VG                                 300 IM Hurdles VB

100 Hurdles VG                                 300 IM Hurdles VG

100 M VB                                           800 M VB

100 M VG                                           800 M VG

100 M JVB                                         200 M VB

100 M JVG                                         200 M VG

800 M Relay VB                                 3000 M VB

800 M Relay VG                                3000 M VG

1500 M VB                                         400 M Weight Men’s Relay VB

1500 M                                                400 M Weight Women Relay VG

400 M Relay VB                                 1600 M Relay VB

400 M Relay VG                                1600 M Relay VG


Order of Events (Field Events)

Field Events starting at 9:00am          Field Events to follow

Boys Shot Put                                                 Girls Shot Put

Girls Discus                                         Boys Discus   

Girls High Jump                                  Boys High Jump

Boys Pole Vault                                  Girls Pole Vault

Girls Long Jump                                 Girls Triple Jump                     Girls JV Triple Jump

Boys Long Jump                                 Boys Triple Jump                    Boys JV Triple Jump


Northwest Meet Records

Record in Team Points

Boys McQueen HS 2009        181 points                               Girls McQueen HS 2010        214.5 points   

Boys                                                                                        Girls

100m   Josh Gingras                Reed                11.04   2012   Adriana Newell           Reed                12.57      2012

200m   Josh Gingras                McQueen        21.89   2012   Haley Harris                McQueen        25.63      2012

400m   Arnold Carrillo            McQueen        48.90   2011   Brianna Tate                McQueen        56.49      2010

800m   Connor Wolf               Elko                 1:58.9  2012   Gabrielle Rinne           Truckee           2:19.21   2013

1500m Connor Ross               McQueen        4:17.96 2013   Julie Pedersen             Galena             5:00.3    2009

1600m Joe Abbott                  Galena             4:32     2008   Claire Kelley               Sage Ridge      5:48        2008

3000m Kai Benedict               McQueen        9:29.14 2013   Mary Jo Wright           Elko                 10:48.41 2012

3200m Josh Schelling             Galena             10:33   2008   Ciera Biselli                 Manogue         13:11      2008

110H   Cody Sharp                 McQueen        15.06   2012   Gabby Williams          McQueen        14.39      2012

300h    Erik Evasovic              McQueen        40.37   2009   Katy Hufford              McQueen        47.55      2010

4x100                                      McQueen        43.74   2012                                       Reno                51.20      2011

4x100W                                  McQueen        48.2     2008                                       McQueen        57.41      2009

4x200                                      McQueen        1:31.24 2009                                       Reno                1:47.59   2011

4x400                                      McQueen        3:28.31 2013                                       McQueen        4:04.57   2011

4x800                                      McQueen        8:29.16 2013                                       McQueen        10:10      2011

HJ        Josh Butler                  Damonte         6’10”    2008   Gabby Williams                                  5’7”        2012

PV       Mike Arnold               Carson             15’       2009   Logan Miller               Manogue         12’          2009

            Stefen Lilyhorn           Reno                            2008

LJ        Alex Suponch             Wooster           21’11” 2010   Katy Hufford              McQueen        17’4.5”   2012

TJ        Josh Butler                  Damonte         46’8”   2008   Celina Whitfield         McQueen        34’2.5”   2010   

SP        Joe Bartlett                  Manogue         55’       2008   Karyna Armstrong      McQueen        37’8”      2010

Discus Joe Bartlett                  Manogue         161’10”2008   Anna Dubois               Elko                 117’11”  2011


We look forward to all of you enjoying our school and the Northwest Track and Field Invitational. My email address is eparise@washoeschools.net and my cell phone number is (775) 233-7006. If you are interested in attending please call or email me.


I will send out an update to the entries for this meet. Please put entries on Athletic.net this year.




Ed Parise

McQueen Track & Field



History for Northwest Invitational
2014 2   2    
2013 1   1    
2012 1   2 4  
2011 1   1    
2010 1   1    
2009 1   1    
2008 1   1    

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Address:McQueen HS

United States

Sport:Track and Field
Level:High School

Start Date:April 5th 2014

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