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USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

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2010 Live Results - USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

Published by
Shane   on Jun 27th 2010, 1:21am

2010 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

Results will be posted below as soon as they become available.

Official Website

2010 Results


Mens Decathlon Junior
Wednesday June 23
1:00pm 100m Dash Evt #1
1:45pm Long Jump Evt #2
3:00pm Shot Put Evt #3
4:15pm High Jump Evt #4
6:45pm 400m Dash Evt #5
Thursday June 24
10:00am 110m Hurdles Evt #6
11:00am Discus Throw Evt #7
1:45pm Pole Vault Evt #8
4:30pm Javelin Throw Evt #9
7:00pm 1500m Run Evt #10

Total Scores

Womens Heptathlon Junior
Wednesday June 23
12:30pm 100m Hurdles Evt #1
1:30pm High Jump Evt #2
4:30pm Shot Put Evt #3
5:45pm 200m Dash Evt #4
Thursday June 24
11:00am Long Jump Evt #5
12:30pm Javelin Throw Evt #6
2:40pm 800m Run Evt #7

Total Scores

Mens Decathlon Senior
Friday June 25
10:30am 100m Dash Evt #1
11:30am Long Jump Evt #2
2:00pm Shot Put Evt #3
3:15pm High Jump Evt #4
5:10pm 400m Dash Evt #5
Saturday June 26
10:30am 110m Hurdles Evt #6
11:30am Discus Throw Evt #7
2:00pm Pole Vault Evt #8
4:15pm Javelin Throw Evt #9
6:30pm 1500m Run Evt #10

Total Scores

Womens Heptathlon Senior
Friday June 25
10:00am 100m Hurdles Evt #1
10:45am High Jump Evt #2
1:00pm Shot Put Evt #3
2:50pm 200m Dash Evt #4
Saturday June 26
11:30am Long Jump Evt #5
2:00pm Javelin Throw Evt #6
3:45pm 800m Run Evt #7

Total Scores

Thursday June 24
10:30am Mens High Jump Jr Final
11:20am Mens 110m Hurdles Jr Prelim
11:45am Womens 100m Hurdles Jr Prelim
12:10pm Womens 100m Dash Jr Prelim
12:30pm Mens 100m Dash Jr Prelim
12:30pm Mens Shot Put Jr Final
12:45pm Mens Long Jump Jr Final
12:50pm Womens 800m Run Jr Prelim
1:00pm Womens Long Jump Jr Final
1:10pm Mens 800m Run Jr Prelim
1:30pm Womens 3000m Run Jr Final
1:45pm Mens 3000m Steeplechase Jr Final
2:00pm Womens 100m Hurdles Jr Final
2:10pm Mens 110m Hurdles Jr Final
2:15pm Mens Discus Throw Jr Final
2:20pm Womens 100m Dash Jr Final
2:30pm Mens 100m Dash Jr Final
2:30pm Womens Shot Put Jr Final
4:15pm Womens 3000m Steeplechase Sr Prelim
4:45pm Womens 800m Run Sr Prelim
5:05pm Mens 800m Run Sr Prelim
5:15pm Mens Pole Vault Jr Final
5:25pm Mens 400m Hurdles Sr Prelim
5:30pm Womens Hammer Throw Jr Final
5:50pm Womens 1500m Run Sr Prelim
6:10pm Womens 400m Dash Sr Prelim
6:20pm Womens Triple Jump Sr Final
6:35pm Mens 400m Dash Sr Prelim
7:10pm Womens 100m Dash Sr Prelim
7:35pm Mens 100m Dash Sr Prelim
8:00pm Mens 5000m Run Jr Final
8:20pm Mens 10000m Run Sr Final
8:55pm Womens 10000m Run Sr Final

Friday June 25
10:00am Womens Javelin Throw Jr Final
10:15am Mens Hammer Throw Jr Final
11:05am Womens 200m Dash Jr Prelim
11:30am Mens 200m Dash Jr Prelim
11:55am Womens 1500m Run Jr Prelim
12:00pm Womens Pole Vault Jr Final
12:15pm Mens 1500m Run Jr Prelim
12:35pm Womens 400m Dash Jr Prelim
12:55pm Mens 400m Dash Jr Prelim
1:00pm Mens Javelin Throw Jr Final
1:15pm Womens 3000m Steeplechase Jr Final
1:10pm Womens Triple Jump Jr Final
1:20pm Mens Triple Jump Jr Final
1:30pm Womens 800m Run Jr Final
1:30pm Womens Discus Throw Jr Final
1:40pm Mens 800m Run Jr Final
1:50pm Womens 400m Hurdles Jr Prelim
2:10pm Mens 400m Hurdles Jr Prelim
2:30pm Womens 200m Dash Jr Final
2:40pm Mens 200m Dash Jr Final
4:00pm Mens Discus Throw Sr Final
4:15pm Mens 3000m Steeplechase Sr Prelim
4:45pm Womens 100m Hurdles Sr Prelim
5:00pm Mens Hammer Throw Sr Final
5:30pm Womens 400m Hurdles Sr Prelim
5:45pm Mens Pole Vault Sr Final
5:55pm Womens 100m Dash Sr Semi-Final
6:00pm Womens High Jump Jr Final
6:00pm Mens Triple Jump Sr Final
6:00pm Womens Javelin Throw Sr Final
6:10pm Mens 100m Dash Sr Semi-Final
6:25pm Mens 1500m Run Sr Prelim
6:45pm Womens 400m Dash Sr Semi-Final
7:00pm Mens 400m Dash Sr Semi-Final
7:15pm Womens 800m Run Sr Semi-Final
7:30pm Mens 800m Run Sr Semi-Final
7:45pm Mens 400m Hurdles Sr Semi-Final
8:04pm Womens 100m Dash Sr Final
8:14pm Womens 5000m Run Sr Final
8:35pm Mens 5000m Run Sr Final
8:52pm Mens 100m Dash Sr Final
9:00pm Mens 10000m Run Jr Final

Saturday June 26
8:00am Mens 10000m Race Walk Jr Final
9:00am Womens 10000m Race Walk Jr Final
12:15pm Womens Shot Put Sr Final
12:30pm Womens High Jump Sr Final
1:15pm Womens 100m Hurdles Sr Semi-Final
2:00pm Womens Long Jump Sr Final
2:02pm Womens 400m Hurdles Sr Semi-Final
2:18pm Mens 400m Hurdles Sr Final
2:26pm Womens 1500m Run Sr Final
2:36pm Womens 400m Dash Sr Final
2:44pm Mens 400m Dash Sr Final
2:52pm Womens 100m Hurdles Sr Final
3:05pm Womens 400m Dash Jr Final
3:15pm Mens 400m Dash Jr Final
3:20pm Womens Hammer Throw Sr Final
3:25pm Mens 400m Hurdles Jr Final
3:35pm Womens 400m Hurdles Jr Final
4:05pm Mens 200m Dash Sr Prelim
4:30pm Womens 200m Dash Sr Prelim
4:50pm Mens 110m Hurdles Sr Prelim
5:25pm Womens 1500m Run Jr Final
5:40pm Mens 1500m Run Jr Final
5:55pm Womens 5000m Run Jr Final

Sunday June 27
6:30am Mens 20000m Race Walk Sr Final
6:33am Womens 20000m Race Walk Sr Final
12:00pm Mens Shot Put Sr Final
12:00pm Womens Pole Vault Sr Final
12:00pm Mens Javelin Throw Sr Final
12:05pm Mens 200m Dash Sr Semi-Final
12:15pm Mens High Jump Sr Final
12:15pm Womens 200m Dash Sr Semi-Final
12:20pm Womens Discus Throw Sr Final
12:30pm Mens Long Jump Sr Final
12:30pm Mens 110m Hurdles Sr Semi-Final
12:50pm Mens 3000m Steeplechase Sr Final
1:15pm Womens 3000m Steeplechase Sr Final
1:50pm Womens 800m Run Sr Final
2:00pm Mens 800m Run Sr Final
2:10pm Womens 400m Hurdles Sr Final
2:20pm Mens 200m Dash Sr Final
2:30pm Womens 200m Dash Sr Final
2:40pm Mens 1500m Run Sr Final
2:50pm Mens 110m Hurdles Sr Final

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We are waiting to get the ESPN footage, hope to have the race uploaded in the next couple days.


Where can I view the exciting 1500 senior men final?

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