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Loughney and Murphy defend D2 national titles

Published by
Martin Bingisser   May 25th 2012, 7:35am

Defending champions Liz Murphy (Grand Valley State) and Ryan Loughney (Ashland) both successfuly defended their titles during the first day of the NCAA Division II Championships on Thursday. As expected, Murphy had some tougher competition from Jessica Rowland. Both Murphy and Rowland broke 60 meters in the first round, however Murphy took the lead and then expanded it with her winning third-round throw of 62.33 meters. The bronze went to Kate Walter (NW Missouri), who threw a personal best of 59.11m for third place. Loughney also led the men's competition from start to finish. He had just three legal throws, but two went over 70 meters and his best attempt of 70.74 meters was not only a personal best, but also a NCAA Division II meet record. Matt Royer (Indianapolis) place second, and Baptiste Kerjean (Abilene Christian), Christopher Heil (MSU-Moorhead), and Ryan Smith (Indianapolis) all threw personal bests to place third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

                         NCAA Division II Championships                          
                             Colorado State - Pueblo                             
           Neta and Eddie DeRose Thunderbowl  - 5/24/2012 to 5/26/2012           
Women Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Liz Murphy                JR Grand Valley St.        62.33m     204-06  10   
      60.91m  FOUL  62.33m  FOUL  59.08m  FOUL                                   
  2 Jessica Rowland           JR Findlay                 60.33m     197-11   8   
      60.11m  56.20m  58.40m  FOUL  60.33m  FOUL                                 
  3 Kate Walter               SR NW Missouri             59.11m     193-11   6   
      57.41m  FOUL  55.55m  57.15m  59.11m  FOUL                                 
  4 Michelle Potter           SR Winona State            57.37m     188-03   5   
      55.71m  50.84m  57.37m  FOUL  56.90m  57.34m                               
  5 Jenny Schuler             SR Winona State            57.23m     187-09   4   
      57.23m  56.26m  54.18m  FOUL  55.12m  52.65m                               
  6 Kristin Cameron           SR Northwood               57.19m     187-07   3   
      53.72m  51.93m  55.83m  FOUL  55.26m  57.19m                               
  7 Heidi Smith               SR Pittsburg St.           56.14m     184-02   2   
      56.14m  FOUL  54.46m  54.42m  54.99m  56.13m                               
  8 Bidemi Balogun            SR American Int'l          55.64m     182-06   1   
      53.20m  55.29m  FOUL  53.44m  53.29m  55.64m                               
  9 Jessica Pilling           SO Ferris State            55.14m     180-11       
      54.13m  54.40m  55.14m  FOUL  FOUL  50.61m                                 
 10 Kelly Ash                 SR Ashland                 54.15m     177-08       
 11 Alyssa Zokoe              SO Grand Valley St.        53.75m     176-04       
 12 Samantha Spindel          SR So. Conn. St.           53.72m     176-03       
 13 Vanita Moses              SR Lock Haven              51.26m     168-02       
 14 Kayla Muyskens            SR Central Missouri        50.80m     166-08       
 15 Emily Wells               SO Wayne St. (Neb.)        50.24m     164-10       
 16 Alyssa Hudgins            JR Georgian Court          44.26m     145-02       
 -- Carly Fehringer           SO Wayne St. (Neb.)          FOUL
 Men Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Ryan Loughney             SR Ashland                 70.74m     232-01  10   
      69.77m  FOUL  70.74m  FOUL  FOUL  70.07m                                   
  2 Matt Royer                SR Indianapolis            65.29m     214-02   8   
      FOUL  59.82m  65.29m  62.91m  64.94m  65.00m                               
  3 Baptiste Kerjean          JR Abilene Christian       64.25m     210-09   6   
      62.44m  62.65m  62.06m  64.06m  FOUL  64.25m                               
  4 Christopher Heil          SR Msu-Moorhead            63.86m     209-06   5   
      63.86m  FOUL  FOUL  63.22m  FOUL  62.56m                                   
  5 Ryan Smith                JR Indianapolis            63.38m     207-11   4   
      61.12m  59.49m  61.15m  60.55m  63.38m  63.18m                             
  6 Derrick Vicars            JR Findlay                 63.07m     206-11   3   
      63.07m  FOUL  62.85m  61.91m  FOUL  62.68m                                 
  7 Ross Bunchek              SR Wayne St. (Neb.)        62.67m     205-07   2   
      PASS  61.93m  62.67m  FOUL  59.32m  60.26m                                 
  8 Garrett Grey              SR Ashland                 61.94m     203-02   1   
      60.45m  FOUL  61.94m  59.91m  FOUL  60.18m                                 
  9 Mark Manno                JR Lock Haven              61.31m     201-02       
      60.31m  FOUL  61.31m  FOUL  60.71m  FOUL                                   
 10 Andrew Gorley             JR Grand Valley St.        59.83m     196-03       
 11 John Talbert              JR Pittsburg St.           59.28m     194-06       
 12 Cory Meuleman             SR Ashland                 59.11m     193-11       
 13 Ja Mar Watson             FR Florida Tech            59.07m     193-09       
 14 Tim McElroy               SR Fort Hays St.           58.69m     192-07       
 15 Michael Hoffman           SR Western Washington      58.67m     192-06       
 16 Craig Call                SR Ashland                 58.19m     190-11
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