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2014 Arcadia Invite - Acceptances, Alternates, Final Schedule

Attached Documents
Final Event Number list & Time SchedulePosted 04/05/2014 (7421 downloads)
Coaches' Final InstructionsPosted 04/05/2014 (1481 downloads)
List of Alternates 4-8-14Posted 04/08/2014 (1320 downloads)
Girls Team Summary of Acceptances 4-7-14Posted 04/08/2014 (2701 downloads)
Boys Team Summary of Acceptances 4-7-14Posted 04/08/2014 (3344 downloads)


       We would like to thank those coaches applying for entry into the 2014 Arcadia Invitational track and field meet, set for April 11th and 12th at Arcadia High. This year marked a record number for sign-ups as a staggering 716 schools registered their athletes for the meet! The seeding process is now complete and the first batch of meet information appears below, including:

  • Final Event Number list & Time Schedule – Please check carefully, as there have been several changes. Compare the Event Number on your entries below against this document to see which session/time frame that event is being contested.
  • List of Alternates – If your athlete appears on this Alternates list, they ARE an alternate at the present time (even though they appear on your "acceptances" roster list).
  • Boys & Girls Team Summary of Acceptances – Two separate documents (by gender) listing which of your entries are accepted, whether it be as qualifiers or as alternates (see important note above).


      A few very important reminders when reviewing the final list of accepted entries below:

  • As clearly explained in the Coaches Info once declaring your school, meeting the entry performance mark that was set as the minimum registration standard DOES NOT mean the only would qualify for the meet. Only those with the best verified marks among those that met the minimum registration standard were accepted. A few thousand entries that met the minimum registration standard were not accepted.
  • The final cutoffs for the slowest heat/section were tougher than ever in some events, especially in the Boys 3200 (very tough), the Boys Rising Stars Mile, the Girls Pole Vault, etc. For events affected by altitude, please also keep in mind that we use altitude adjustments from the raw times/marks in evaluating entries for those events. For the distance relays, aggregate marks do carry good weighting (as mentioned in the entry instructions) since several meets do not contest those relays but teams have several kids with good open marks. As always (and as explained when coached registered online), both 2014 and 2013 performance marks were used for entry consideration, but with 2014 given greater weighting in 'close calls' for spots.
  • SCRATCHES & ALTERNATES – Coaches are urged to email us with any scratches they name to make as soon as those are determined. The scratch deadline is Monday, April 7th @ 10 a.m. PST (California time). Any scratches emailed to us by that time will not be charged on the team entry fee. Any scratches made after the scratch deadline will be charged on the team entry fee. Scratches can ONLY be made through email. Please email us at ArcadiaInvite@aol.com and put "Scratch" in the header title of the email. Also, the distance races have intentionallly been overstuffed in anticipation of scratches. If your distance runner was selected in more than two open events, please select no more than two of those events and scratch the third one or we will be forced to scratch one of them on our end. This was pointed out in the entry instructions.
  • HEAT SHEETS will be made available online on the Tuesday evening of meet week, not earlier.
  • FINAL COACHES INSTRUCTIONS PACKET - Will be emailed on Thursday evening, April 3rd to the coach that registered each school. This packet includes such details as packet pick-up location and times, spike-length requirements, event check-in procedures, goodie-bag pick-up procedures, etc.
  • For those schools about needing to cut their entry fee checks soon through their school, checks need to be made payable to "Arcadia High School." An explanation of the team fee breakdown accompanied the document you viewed when registering your athletes.
  • If your athletes did not make it into the Arcadia meet, there is still an excellent chance for them to compete at the South Pasadena Tiger Invite (on a Mondo track surface) on Friday night at a venue located about six miles from Arcadia High. Details on that meet are here


Important note: Due to the list of projects that need to be completed between now and meet weekend, we will not be answering phone calls or texts regarding meet entries. If you are a head coach and have a question that was not answered in the document that was viewable by you after you declared your team's intent to compete, you can EMAIL us at ArcadiaInvite@aol.com. Please be patient in awaiting a reply but you will receive one. It might take a full day. If you are not the head coach, please direct your question to the head coach, who likely already has the correct answer for you.

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