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History for 2012 May 4th to May 5th

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2012 Varsity Blues’ Classic Relays


Date:                                       Friday May 4 & Saturday May 5, 2012


Location:                                University of Toronto Varsity Centre

                                             Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

                                              (TTC St. George subway station – Bedford exit to Varsity Centre)


Sanctioned by:                       Athletics Ontario


Hosted by:                              University of Toronto Track and Field Programs

                                              Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education


Competition Director:                 Adrian Roberts            adrian.roberts@utoronto.ca


Entry Chairperson:                     Doug Smith                  douglasj.smith@sympatico.ca


Entry Deadline:                         Sunday April 29, 2012


Entry Fee:                                $6.00 per individual high school (HS) event

                                               $12.00 per relay event

                                                Maximum entry fee of $200.00 for unlimited entries per team

                                                $20.00 per individual World Junior Standard event



Electronic Entries by:            Two options

  1. Hy-Tek Team Manager or Hy-Tek Manager Lite

                                                Download the event file from the Varsity Blues Track and Field web page: www.varsityblues.ca/classicrelays . Submit entries electronically, to the entry Chairperson.

  1. Excel Spreadsheet

                                                For individual and relay entries down load the separate files from the Varsity Blues Track and Field web page: www.varsityblues.ca/classicrelays or contact Meet Director. Email Excel spreadsheet entries to Meet Director.


                                                No telephone entries. No faxed entries. NO REFUNDS


Waiver:                                   Every participant is required to sign the waiver attached. For athletes under the age 18 a parent or guardian’s (teacher) signature must appear on the waiver. The waiver form must be submitted at the registration desk on the day of the competition. One waiver form can be submitted on behalf of a team provided permission has been granted from athletes’ parents/guardian.


Payment:                                Payment for entry fees are received by cheque or cash. Payment must be made the day of the meet and a receipt will be issued. If paying by cheque please make payable to the University of Toronto Track Club. No post-dated cheques are accepted.


Post Entries:                           Entries received after the entry deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the meet organizer and only if it does not cause a disruption of the conduct of the meet.

  1. Entries in the HS portion of the meet are allowed, but subject to a $12.00 per event entry fee.
  2. Entries in the World Junior Standard portion of events should meet the minimum standards and requirements listed below. These entries are subject to a $40.00 per event entry fee if accepted.


Invitational & High School Relay Events and Categories



Grade or Age




Born ’92 or earlier



HS Junior

Grades 09/10



HS Senior

Grades 11/12



HS Senior

Grade 11/12 (born ’92 or later)



HS Midget

Grade 09 (born ’97)



HS Junior

Grade 10 (born ’96)



HS Open

Grades 09-12




High School Individual Events

Midget Track Events





Midget Field Events





Junior Track Events





Junior Field Events





Senior Track Events





Senior Field Events






World Junior Select Events and Standards – Junior = (born ’93-’94)



Athletics Canada Standard

Meet Minimum Entry Standard










Men (0.914m)




Women (0.762m)

















14.64 (1.067m) or 14.24 (0.995m)



A maximum of 16 eligible spots are open to athletes. If an athlete has not yet reached the minimum entry standard, they are encouraged to submit an entry as the next fastest times will be selected in order to run a full heat (8 athletes). Lane preference will be given to athletes attempting to achieve Athletics Canada’s World Junior standard. To be eligible for the Athletics Canada national junior team, athlete must be registered with Athletics Ontario. Visit the Athletics Canada website (www.athletics.ca) for more information regarding selection criteria for the World Junior Championships in Barcelona, Spain.


Seed Times:                            Outdoor 2011 and current indoor season performance achieved in AO-sanctioned or approved competitions will be accepted. Wind assisted outdoor performances are acceptable. Indoor times will be converted to outdoor times. Estimates will not be accepted. When submitting a seed performance for entry into the World Junior Standard event include date, location and link to results or ranking page for verification. Men’s 110mh will be run at 0.995m.


Registration deadline:           Sunday April 29, 2012


Entries in relay and non-world junior standard events received after the entry deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the Competition Director and only if there is space.


Entry Confirmation:              As entries are processed, the performance list will be made available online on the Varsity Blues Track and Field website. Please confirm your entries following the entry deadline.


Eligibility:                               In World Junior Standard events, athletes residing in Ontario must be registered with Athletics Ontario by the entry deadline. Athletes from out of province must be registered with their provincial or state association by the entry deadline.


                                                HS athletes residing in Ontario do not need to be registered with Athletics Ontario to participate in HS events.


                                                Athletes representing a club or HS from outside the province do not require a provincial or state association for participation in HS events.


Schedule:                                The schedule is subject to change. Arrive early, as event start times (except for the first event) may be advanced by to 30 minutes. A performance list and revised schedule will be posted online by Thursday May 3, 2012.


Spectator Admission Fees:    $3.00 per day per person (children under 12 free)


Lane & Heat Assignments

                                           Lanes, heats and sections will be assigned according to the International Associations of Athletic Federations (IAAF) /Athletics Ontario (AO).


Awards:                               Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the three finishers in each event including relays.


Facility:                               400m Polytan - synthetic 8-lane track with an artificial turf in-field. All runways are Polytan surfaced.

Trinity Field throwing area is natural grass. - Hammer/Discus circle is caged with a concrete surface. Shot put circle is concrete. The javelin runway is a Polytan surface with a natural grass sector field of play.


Timing:                                            Fully Automatic Timing from a Photo Finish System will be used.


Changing facility:                        Change rooms are available for men and women.


SPIKES:                                         MAXIMUM 6mm Pyramid only 

MAXIMUM 9mm Pyramid only permitted on high jump apron only.



  • All spikes must be presented to be checked
  • Athletes will not be allowed to compete without having their spikes checked and cleared.
  • Acceptable spikes: 6mm pyramids / cones – same size
  • Any athletes competing with longer than 6mm spikes will be disqualified.
  • Water is the only permitted drink allowed on the track field of play.

2012 Results - Varsity Blues' Classic Relays

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/OFSAA   on May 4th 2012, 1:48pm

Just the World Junion Qualiying chase events.


Licensed to University of Toronto     HY-TEK's Meet Manager 08/05/2012 12:47 PM
            Varsity Blues Classic Relays - 04/05/2012 to 05/05/2012            
                          World Junior Standards Meet                          
                    John L. Davenport Track, Varsity Centre                    
Women 200 Meter Run World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Wind H#
  1  1039 Brennan, Christian     Flying Angel           23.38      24.09   0.4  2 
  2  1162 YapChung, Tashuana     Flying Angel           25.10      24.88   0.4  2 
  3  1042 Kerr, Naomi            Flying Angel           24.40      24.95   0.4  2 
  4  1041 Harrision, Shania      Flying Angel           24.26      25.40   0.4  2 
  5  1163 Valentine, Khadija     Flying Angel           25.00      25.68   0.4  2 
  6  1100 Jones, Cassandra       Stephen Leac           25.43      25.79   1.7  1 
  7  1043 Rodriguez, Melanie     Flying Angel           24.00      25.94   0.4  2 
  8  1071 Taylor, Ashley         Nelson HS              25.45      26.57   1.7  1 
  9  1002 Radoslav, Taysia       Cardinal New           26.09      26.58   1.7  1 
Women 800 Meter Run World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1  1049 Wendt, Rebecca         Henry Street         2:17.00    2:23.61  
  2  1033 Sprenger, Jillian      Etobicoke Hu                    2:26.87  
Women 400 Meter Hurdles World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1  1071 Taylor, Ashley         Nelson HS            1:00.38    1:02.92  
  1  1072 Adamson, Jessica       North Toront         1:02.56    1:03.72  
  2  1002 Radoslav, Taysia       Cardinal New                    1:04.69  
  2  1038 Morgan, Natasha        Extreme Velo         1:05.80    1:08.58  
Women Pole Vault World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  2  1070 Newman, Alysha         Mother Teres           3.95m     J3.80m  
     3.45 3.60 3.75 3.80 3.85 3.90 3.95 
        P    P    P  XXO    P    P  XXX 
  3  1000 Harris, Allison        Bishop Strac           3.70m     J3.75m  
     3.45 3.60 3.75 3.80 
      XXO   XO   XO  XXX 
 --  1050 Fiedler, Erika         Kitchener Wa                     X3.75m  
     3.45 3.60 3.75 3.80 3.85 3.90 
        P    P   XO    P    P  XXX 
Women 4x800 Meter Relay Invitational
    School                                               Seed     Finals 
  1 University of Toronto Track Cl  'C'                          9:14.00  
     1) 1143 Ostoich, Connor            2) 1144 Markovac, Maria           
     3) 1145 Stafford, Gabriela         4) 1146 Yarranton, Brynne         
  2 University of Toronto Track Cl  'D'                          9:20.55  
     1) 1147 Banhara, Gabriella         2) 1148 Morgan, Emily             
     3) 1149 Shukla, Jazz               4) 1150 Stafford, Lucia           
  3 University of Toronto Track Cl  'B'                          9:23.68  
     1) 1139 McDonald, Madeline         2) 1140 Hennesy, Kelly            
     3) 1141 Emilio, Sarah              4) 1142 Walmsley, Honor           
  4 University of Toronto Track Cl  'A'               9:00.00    9:28.52  
     1) 1151 Housley, Katie             2) 1153 Gollish, Sasha            
     3) 1154 Malleck, Julia             4) 1152 Siemon, Victoria          
Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 39" (0.990) World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Wind
  1  1001 Green, Chris           Cameron Heig           14.30      14.55   0.5 
  1  1167 Kwan, Anthony          University o                      16.29   0.5 
  2  1133 Betty, Brian           Durham Legio                      16.49   0.5 
  2  1088 Loparco, Matthew       St. Michael'           15.09      16.51   0.5 
  3  1134 Li, Bryan              University o                      16.72   0.5 
Men 200 Meter Run World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Wind
  1  1093 Ajayi, Steven          St. Patrick            21.60      21.49   3.7 
  1  1045 Rittinger, Devon       For Heights            21.91      21.87   3.7 
  2  1044 Kerr, Jared            Flying Angel           22.00      22.85   3.7 
  3  1073 Noel, Stephenson       Oakwood Coll           23.35      24.17   3.7 
  4  1097 Ganite, Mark           St. Patrick                       26.34   3.7 
Men 800 Meter Run World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1  1037 Tapley, Ryan           Etobicoke Hu         1:54.50    1:57.36  
  2  1035 Carroll, Jake          Etobicoke Hu                    2:02.43  
 --  1087 Moodie, Triphon        St. Joan of          1:55.20         DQ  
Men 400 Meter Hurdles World Junior
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1  1109 Grant, Oliver          University o           54.70      55.74  
  1  1044 Kerr, Jared            Flying Angel           53.00      55.94  
  2  1001 Green, Chris           Cameron Heig           56.00      56.22  
  3  1082 Sutton, Charlie        Speed River            54.80      58.43  

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